Review: Fairy Tail Part 19

By: Robert Prentice
Fairy Tail Funimation

The fight against the Eclipsed Celestial Spirits continues! One by one Natsu and his friends seal the spirits away, but just when they think they’re ahead of the game, their true enemy is revealed and the real fight begins. Will the gang be able to save the spirits before it’s too late?

Lucy continues fight against Virgo whose twisted fetishes continue to make things uncomfortable and difficult for Lucy. Meanwhile Erza goes on a battle of archery and warfare with Sagittarius to see who the better warrior is. Of course the two of them trade pleasantries throughout the battle much like you would expect with Erza.

Eclipse_Ophiuchus_Full_BodyThe final battle with Natsu and Loki begins and much like you would expect they both seem to be hitting a wall….of fire. Natsu manages to gain the upper hand and seal Loki away but something isn’t right because the ritual continued even after all their gates were sealed. It turns out Ophiuchus tricked all of them into force closing the gates in order to keep the spirits within the spirit Kings grasp.

The battle raged on as the team saves the celestial world from a beast created by the Eclipse project. None of the spirits remember what happen, neither does the Spirit King. He apparently was held hostage as well by this beast. In the end Lucy regains all her keys.

The funniest moment with the spirits had to be when Gajeel and Panther Lily face the Gemini twins and are turned into cute furry animals. Though Lily was already that in his smaller form, this was just more fun to watch.

Of course, it’s never all work and no play for Fairy Tail. After the fighting subsides, our heroes make plenty of time for adventures in babysitting, transformation magic mayhem, and visiting other guilds as part of an exchange student program. Between adorable creatures falling from the sky, a shocking job only Laxus can handle, and a scent-obsessed zombie outbreak, there’s never a dull moment for the wizards of Fairy Tail!

Part 19 is the final set of episodes in the Eclipsed Celestial Spirits arc, which has been admittedly my least favorite arc of Fairy Tail so far. This finally ends the filler arc and moves back into the main story arc of the manga around chapter 341. We also move closer to the next huge arc of the series The Tartaros arc.

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