Valentine is Back, and it looks like he's in control.

Shadowhunters 113 Preview: Valentine is back!

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The season finale promises to continue the thrills and spills that we’ve enjoyed so far all season. Valentine is back!

We already knew that, didn’t we? Valentine was around just recently, glamoured as Michael Wayland, and we saw him talking to Hodge about their deal just last episode. What does ‘Valentine is back’ really mean?

From the photo above, Valentine and his henchmen get the better of Clary and her friends. This is bad. Although, he doesn’t seem concerned about restraining Clary, and she’s behind him…so she might have an opportunity? Clary is holding a large white book. Hopefully this is the book that will release Jocelyn, so: at least something is going right!

Here’s a preview video (0:29)

Anyone who has seen/read the Harry Potter films/books (and other books too!) will notice the familiar concept of light in the darkness. Let’s hope this has the same context: when things are really bad, salvation shows up!

Valentine really got into Jace’s head and messed it up! He’s convinced that the “darkness” in him, Valentine’s genes and harsh parenting (remember that bird?) mean that he’s evil…and he’s going to roll with that? Nooooooo!

Will Jace go with Valentine? If he does, will it be as a “double-agent”, like Jocelyn was: waiting for an opportunity to undermine Valentine? Or is Jace going to fully embrace being the evil son of the evil mastermind?

As if that wasn’t enough drama and tension for one episode, there’s also this! (0:53)

Magnus and Alec CAN’T be over before they begin! After the drama of leaving Lydia at the altar, and everything that Alec went through to choose Magnus, surely this relationship has to be ‘forever’, or what was it all for? Let’s hope they work it out.

Shadowhunters, Season Finale: Tuesday 9pm/8c on Freeform. (Wednesday on Netflix)

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