Futuristic Landscape of The Shannara Chronicles

Breaking News: Shannara Chronicles Renewed For S2!

Got a huge delight today as the news that The Shannara Chronicles has officially been renewed for a season two by MTV!   While the major plot line from the Elfstones book has been completed, there’s still more story to be told.  There are several books after Elfstones and then the show left us with several unresolved plot threads in the finale. Some of the questions I’d love to see answered would be first of all, who was behind the mask that left Eretria so shocked?   What’s Bandon’s fate going to be now?  Will Allanon go back to Druid Sleep or stick around to help in the cleanup after the Dagda Mor and his demons left in Arborlon?   Something tells me we haven’t seen the last of Perk and the Wing-Riders either.

The MTV press statement had some encouraging stuff to say,  “We’re thrilled to continue the momentum established in Season 1,” said Jenna Glazier, Executive Vice President, Television Series, Sonar Entertainment. “Along with the ongoing support of MTV, the entire creative team is poised to raise the bar even higher in Season 2.”

That makes me pretty excited. I hope they also take to heart some of the criticisms raised with season one and improve upon some of the weaker elements in the show.  Overall, I really enjoyed the series and I’m excited to see what they do with season two.

Allanon and Bandon S2 promo image – Taken from MTV Shannara Twitter (@Shannara)


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