The Twin Star Exorcists are United in Episode 2: The Intersection of Twin Stars

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In this episode, we were able to get a closer look at what makes Rokuro and Benio act the way they do. Since the last episode ended by showing us just how strong Rokuro is, it makes sense that we would get to see a battle between both Rokuro and Benio. I’m surprised by how powerful Rokuro is despite not having the same amount of training that Benio has. Benio is just as surprised, as she begs Rokuro to go to Magano to fight in order to find out who is the stronger exorcist. Of course, Rokuro refuses. His past is haunting him and he wants nothing to do with exorcists anymore.

Although we still have a lot to learn about Benio, this episode did give us a bit of a backstory as to why Rokuro does not want to be an exorcist anymore. Rokuro lost a lot of his friends to a terrible tragedy and he is the only survivor. We still do not know how he got that arm, though.

Rokuro and Benio did not get off to a good start. Benio reminds him of everything he wants to forget. In a lot of ways, she reminds him of himself. Benio says and does the same things he used to say and do. He too, wanted to “exorcise all the evil kegare”. However, Rokuro turned his back on those dreams when his friends died. Benio has her own problems with Rokuro. Her pride was injured when Rokuro was able to take down a kegare that she was not able to destroy. She was angry with him, telling him she could have defeated it alone – despite Rokuro’s protests that she was dying. She is not the strongest exorcist anymore. There is someone who can match her own powers and that isn’t something that she is accustomed to. It is possible that Benio has a troubled past much like Rokuro’s. However, she embraced her destiny and she didn’t run away from it.

Twin Star Exorcists

The highlight of the episode is the battle between these two that Benio wanted from the beginning. Rokuro never wanted to fight, but after constant taunting, he finally gave in. He never wanted to be a part of any of this but now it seems that he doesn’t have a choice. Benio and Rokuro are opposites but there is no denying their equal power, determination, and resolve. At the end of the episode, an announcement was made. Benio and Rokuro are supposed to marry and sire the Miko – the exorcist destined to actually destroy all kegare. This is a lot to take in for Rokuro and Benio. They do not get along with each other so far and have a lot of dark issues to discuss.

There was plenty of action in this episode of Twin Star Exorcists, as well as a few humorous points. Of course, there was the obligatory moment where Rokuro accidentally walks in on Benio drying off after a shower and the subsequent chase throughout the house. This show features fantastic animation, fluid fight scenes, and interesting characters. Though there is not much side character development, we are getting to know our two main characters better.

Courtney Sanders