Once Upon A Time: 516 Review A Brief Look Into “Our Decay”

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Sunday night television turned into a bit of a snooze fest, and a major letdown. I was not really impressed with “Our Decay” at all, it really seemed like a “filler” episode to me. I mention that term filler a lot, and I can imagine that show-runners must hate that term, seeing as they work hard on any given episode. There is nothing wrong with a filler episode, because they are always highly entertaining. While the writers might think it is relevant and central to the story being told, to viewers like me, that’s not how it comes across.

For the most part, I liked the episode, and found Zelena and Hades to be very entertaining. What made it a filler episode was the constant rehash of Zelena not being loved enough, and how she is always green with envy. We get it already, we know she was abandoned by Mommy Dearest, and Regina was the favorite. It’s hard to feel sorry for someone who simply just can’t get over it. I keep waiting for her to change in this regard, and every time I start to see a glimmer of that, someone or something pulls her back into that bitter, green with envy, younger sibling. I suppose that she can change, because Regina finally saw the light of day. I suppose there is hope for her yet.

Hades is a problem for her though, because in her quest and need to find someone that will love her for who she is, she keeps looking in the wrong places. I find it really hard to believe that these two people found love in that very short, not so romantic bike ride. I don’t blame her greenness for not trusting Hades and sending him from Oz, thinking he only wanted the brain to create the same spell she wanted to also create. She thought the same thing about him wanting her baby to be used in that same spell.


(ABC/Jack Rowand)

At the end of the episode, it appears that she is falling for every word he utters, about how he made the Underworld (read Underbrooke) to look like Storybrooke so that she could have everything her heart desired. I am not buying that load of bull hockey for a nano-second, because if that was the case, he would have put his plan into action sooner than this. How long has he been the ruler of Underworld? You get my point! At least she gave her baby back to Robin so that she could not be used by Hades, and now they will be on the lookout for trouble.

I am glad Robin has yet to name the baby, because then Hades cannot use that knowledge in his favor. That poor babies face seemed to start to decompose, for lack of a better word, and now I wonder if it is safe for those that are still alive to be in Underbrooke for long. It is just a thought that occurred to me when I saw that poor babies skin. How long can the living last among the dead before they start to deteriorate?

I really loved the scenes we got with Henry, and how he never seemed to remember writing a story from scratch. He said he would fall asleep, and when he woke up, there would be new pages. I loved that he wrote about how his grandparents had sung a song to baby Neal when they used the haunted phone booth. It was still crazy to me that they haunted their baby, but hey as long as he did not feel haunted. I really wish Neal was not still a baby, he should be at least two by now, and not anywhere near the same age as Zelena and Robins baby!


(ABC/Jack Rowand)

As I said in the beginning of this review, last night’s television was a bit of a bummer all the way around, but I did not hate this episode. I just simply was not feeling certain things, especially the epic love story of Zelena and Hades. I still find it hard to believe (as of right now) that she is the one who finally made his heart go pitter patter again!

I am hoping for a little more action in the upcoming episodes, and less rehashing of things we already know. I love that next week we get to see the story of Belle and Gaston. I could handle Gaston being a good guy,  because Belle could use someone in her corner who loves her, and does not want to be an evil Dark One! What did you think of “Our Decay” and Zelena and Hades epic love? #Zades or #NoZades

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