12 Monkeys 204: Promo and Sneak Peek - Let's Make A Ramse Deal

12 Monkeys 204: Promo and Sneak Peek – Let’s Make A Ramse Deal

By: Tom Gardiner
12 monkeys 204 promo sneak peek

You could say Ramse’s been getting some pretty raw deals lately.  Being stuck in the post-virus apocalypse is bad enough, but then to find out you have a son you never knew just adds bird turd sprinkles to his shitcake of a life.  To compound the issue, he realized if they stop the virus his son and everyone he’s ever known might be erased from existence.  And in season 2, poor Ramse’s existence continues to go to crap, but there’s light at the end of the sewer tunnel.  So, now we get this 12 Monkeys 204: Promo and Sneak Peek – Let’s Make A Ramse Deal.

Suddenly, Ramse goes from being the Jar Jar Binks of the wasteland to everybody’s Obi-Wan Kenobe.  It’s no surprise to hear Dr. Jones say, “Mr. Cole is in jeopardy.”  Hell, Cole’s in jeopardy before he rolls out of bed.  What is surprising is Jones telling Ramse he’s their only hope of getting Cole and Cassie Back to the Future! Stranger things have happened on 12 Monkeys and I’m sure much stranger things are to come.

Check out this promo where Ramse gets to play Time Jesus for once.

Now, don’t fool yourself into thinking Ramse happily hopped right into the Guardian of Forever to save Edith Keeler Cole and Cassie.  He’s none too happy about going from whipping boy to Wonder Boy just because it suits everyone else, but Jones has a very juicy carrot hanging from the end of her stick.  She’s offering him his son and his freedom.  Watch how it all goes down in this sneak peek.

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