12 Monkeys Ep 206

12 Monkeys Ep 207 Promo and Sneak Peek: “Future, We Have A Problem”

By: Tom Gardiner
12 monkeys 206 meltdown promo

In next week’s 12 Monkeys episode, Meltdown, there’s trouble with the Time Tunnel time machine.  It seems the machine has gone into a perpetual splinter sequence, which means all kinds of weirdness.  It could be summed up by saying, “Future, we have a problem.”  Yeah, yeah, I know they always have some kind of problem, but this one’s particularly nasty.  Just look.

We’re lucky enough to get a very generous sneak peek that runs a little over 5 minutes.  That’s like over 10% of a complete episode!  In this clip, Jennifer is actually making sense, with a side of unhinged … because it’s Jennifer.  But she’s really the one who’s got a grasp on the situation, most likely because she’s a primary and can see the repercussions of messing with spacetime in radical ways.

Cole and Ramse, freshly back from the swinging seventies, have a heart-to-heart.  It’s Bromance Gone Wild on the next 12 Monkeys!  And James Cole really loves … whiskey.  (Nah, it’s Ramse he’s talking about.)

Near the end of the clip, Jennifer’s gone, having left Cassie a note.  Cassie then begins to have more visions of weird-assed time shit happening.  It’s freaky, but the freakiest part is when she develops Witness Eyes.  I wonder if this Witness, who’s been described as a time traveler, too, has somehow developed the ability to perform out-of-body traveling and has possessed Cassie?  We’ll find out next Monday!

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