C3: Cube X Cursed X Curious Blu Ray Review

Cubed X Cursed X Curious is a dark anime with various humorous elements thrown into the mix. In fact, if you end up watching this Blu Ray/DVD combination pack, you may find yourself thinking of Elfen Lied, and that’s okay. If you don’t want to watch anything too serious and you are looking for 330 minutes of entertainment, you may want to check out C3. It features the perfect combination of both humor and horror. The C3 Blu Ray and DVD combination pack comes with all twelve episodes, as well as an OVA. However, there aren’t much in the way of special features: you can watch clean versions of the opening and closing songs, and you can also watch a few trailers that come with the Blu Ray pack.

Cube X Cursed X Curious follows Harauki Yachi, a boy that is immune to being cursed. His father has turned Yachi into a kind of safe house for cursed objects. He send them to his son in order to try to break these curses. What makes this interesting is that most of these cursed objects turn into beautiful women. Yes, that is where a lot of the humor comes into play. This time around, he is sent a cursed cubed that goes by the name of Fear. She has done terrible things in her past and she needs help escaping them and breaking her curse. Over the course of the series, Fear and Yachi encounter other cursed objects that need their help.


Since Yachi has cursed objects turning into beautiful women left and right, it makes sense that this series would have elements of harem anime. However, it isn’t used too often. C3 knows when such things are getting out of hand, and they end it right before it starts to get annoying. Of course, you’ve got your normal cliche “perverted” moments, like underwear shots and sexual misunderstandings, but it’s all there to make you laugh.

When watching the Blu-Ray, I was taken aback by how beautiful the visuals were. New viewers may not be able to tell that this was an older anime. Although some of the characters looked forgettable, there is no denying the beauty of those fight scenes and the detail added to various other scenes. The battle scenes and the depiction of blood and insanity really floored me and kept me at the edge of my seat.


Both the Blu-Ray and DVD discs are presented in 1080p HD transfer. However, the only audio available is the Japanese Dolby True HD 2.0. You get clean audio throughout your viewing experience, but you only get two channels. However, this is enough to lose yourself in the series. There is no English dub but you are able to watch Cube X Cursed X Curious with English subtitles.

Overall, C3 is an enjoyable anime and the Blu Ray/DVD combination pack is worth adding to your collection if you are looking for something fun to pass the time with. Assuming you can look past the usual anime cliches, it can be easy to have a blast with this show. It is fast paced and does not leave room for boring moments.

You can pickup a copy of this title from Funimation over at Amazon.com

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