Dark Matter Extended Trailer Breakdown

Dark Matter Extended Trailer Breakdown – Let’s Dissect This Puppy

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The glorious extended trailer is out, and you can watch it HERE.  Once you’re done watching (and rewatching) it, come back here and continue reading to see what nuggets of information I’ve dug up.  And remember, you can click on all of the images in this post to get a larger version to help you figure out what’s going on.

UPDATE – Joseph Mallozzi has posted his own very thorough breakdown of the trailer which I highly recommend you read.  Click here to read his blog entry detailing every shot in the promo.

WARNING:  This post may contain spoilers and will most definitely contain incorrect assumptions solely based on what I’ve seen.  For the most part, I won’t even know if I’m right until the show begins to air, but poking around each frame for juicy giblets is fun!

The opening is familiar, having an exterior shot of Hyperion-8 quickly followed by the “welcome to prison in your underwear” scene.  But that’s quickly replaced with ONE asking SIX, “What is this place?”  Exactly why ONE isn’t in prison garb and doesn’t seem to be murderously angry at SIX remains a mystery for now.

To eliminate all doubt about where everyone is, SIX answers ONE’s question with, “Hyperion-8.  Galactic maximum security facility.”  Honestly, at this point that’s not a huge surprise, but what is surprising, or at least interesting, is SIX’s name badge.  We know him as both SIX and Griffin Jones, but that badge looks like it says “Lt. Varrik” on it.  It’s not terribly clear, but take a look and tell me what you think.

Dark Matter Extended Trailer Breakdown

Is this another alias or his real name? (Image courtesy Syfy)

It could be that Lt. Anders, who seemed to be working with him, helped SIX take the identity of a registered guard.  It could also be his real name or it’s just one in a long line of aliases along with Griffin Jones.

Next is the overhead decontamination chamber shot we’ve seen before, but right after we get a close-up of THREE.  He seems to be in some kind of distress or pain.  Maybe prison really disagrees with him, but I’m betting his smart mouth got him into trouble with the guards and he’s now sporting a few cuts and bruises.

Dark Matter Extended Trailer Breakdown

THREE singing the Space Prison Blues. (Image courtesy Syfy)

Cue a number of quick cuts accompanied by an ominous voice-over that says, “When you can’t trust your friends, trust the law, or even trust yourself, trust your instincts.”  This again hints at memory manipulation, but continues with the theme that our Raza crew all have a core set of behaviors and values that no memory tampering can change.  So while they might find themselves memory-wiped yet again, we can still count on them to be the people we’ve come to know.

Remember how Lt. Anders (Jeff Teravainen) and SIX seemed to be in cahoots when they carried off the rest of the crew in the season 1 finale?  Well, there must’ve been some misunderstanding because we see SIX slam him against the wall and shout, “Why didn’t you tell me?”  Does this mean Anders not only helped capture the other 5, but also somehow screwed over SIX in the process?

Dark Matter Extended Trailer Breakdown

Did Anders double-cross Roger Cross? Never double-cross Cross! (Image courtesy Syfy)

I believe this shot is proof that our crew remain true to their core personalities.  Here’s THREE with Bubba, Lulu, and Pip ready for a High Noon-style shootout.  You can take his memories, but you can’t take his love of guns, or his smart mouth.  But who exactly is he about to have a gunfight with and why?

Dark Matter Extended Trailer Breakdown

Some things never change. (Image courtesy Syfy)

Whether it be on Earth in the present day, or way out in space in the far flung future, there’s nothing like a good, old-fashioned prison brawl.  Although judging by this shot I’d say Franka Potente’s Inspector Shaddick would disagree.

Dark Matter Extended Trailer Breakdown

Shaddick isn’t winning any popularity contests in Hyperion-8 (Image courtesy Syfy)

I’m pretty sure Arax Nero (Mike Dopud) isn’t too happy about getting his ass handed to him by TWO.  While this is clearly on the Raza, I’m lumping it into the prison brawl because I still love prison brawls.   And to be clear, I’m not 100% certain that’s Mike Dopud on the ground, but it looks like him from this angle.

Dark Matter Extended Trailer Breakdown

You mess with TWO, you get your ass handed to you. Here’s your ass, Nero. (Image courtesy Syfy)

Continuing with the theme of fighting like space cats and dogs, we see who FOUR squares off against in his prison-based swordfight.  It’s the mystery woman from the Ishida Empire.  But why would she be fighting him instead of trying to save him?  Perhaps FOUR’s memories have been replaced or he has his original memories back and has a beef with this woman.

Dark Matter Extended Trailer Breakdown

Going up against FOUR in a sword fight? Brave or stupid? My money’s on the latter. (Image courtesy Syfy)

There’s a shot of Nyx Harper (Melanie Liburd) expertly prepping a gun for battle immediately followed by a shot of THREE saying, “Am I the only one who found that a little sexy?”  All I can say is that’s so THREE.  I have a feeling Nyx may not find him quite as entertaining as we viewers do, though.

Dark Matter Extended Trailer Breakdown

I think THREE has found a new friend. Or has he? (Image courtesy Syfy)

Here’s another mystery for you.  What’s this headgear FIVE has on?  I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s some kind of mind/machine interface that she’s using to help the others escape.  Like most of this post, this is a completely uninformed guess, so if you’ve got something you think is better please let me know.

Dark Matter Extended Trailer Breakdown

Even in the future they’re still working out the kinks in VR headsets (Image courtesy Syfy)

Solving the mystery of who you really are can cost you everything.”  Another voice-over hinting that our crew is still on a mission to find out who they are/were before their memories were wiped.  Apparently, it’s not as simple as finding a backup copy of your brain nor is learning the truth necessarily always welcome.  Just look at THREE’s face here while he’s speaking with FIVE.  It makes the conspiratorial side of me think maybe FIVE has known a lot more about the crew than she ever let on, at least until this shot.

Dark Matter Extended Trailer Breakdown

Wutchoo talkin’ ’bout, FIVE? (Image courtesy Syfy)

This builds upon my speculation in my breakdown of the first trailer that the person standing over TWO after she’s been beaten to the ground was, in fact, FIVE.  Go back to that first analysis and look at the picture.  You’ll see what looks like a sweater or jacket tied around the waist of the person holding the metal rod.  FIVE has been seen with a garment tied around her just like that.

Whoa!  We’re hit with a barrage of words.  Lifesaver, Murderer, Human, Superhuman – Could these all be referring to a single person?  Could that person be FIVE, who’s shown immediately after said words?

Dark Matter Extended Trailer Breakdown

My, what a big gun you have! (Image courtesy Syfy)

After that word explosion comes a real explosion on Hyperion-8.  It’s a huge fireball that surely does an immense amount of damage to the prison.  You can see this shot in the featured image at the very top of this post.

Again with the words!  This time it’s Police, Criminal, Friend, Enemy.  Man, those are opposing pairs of words, so they can’t be referring to just ONE person.  Can they?  I don’t think it’s any coincidence that the shot that follows shows Jace Corso saying, “Long time no see” then pulling a gun on someone whose face we can’t see.  I’m betting that’s ONE having a reunion he would’ve probably preferred to avoid.

Dark Matter Extended Trailer Breakdown

It’s not nice to point, especially with a gun. Jace is so rude! (Image courtesy Syfy)

I can see Corso as “Criminal” and “Enemy”, but who would be “Police” and “Friend” in the mix?  With Dark Matter your guess is as good, or as bad, as mine!  Tell me what you think about both the trailer and my take on it in the comments below.  I’m dying to know what other fans think.

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