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WATCH: Dark Matter Extended Trailer – Who Are You?

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We’re only 5 weeks away from the season 2 premiere of Dark Matter and today we were treated to not just a 3rd trailer, but one that’s considerably longer than the first two.  Clocking in at almost a minute and a half, this extended trailer definitely shows the story is going to move even closer to answering the question, “Who are you?” while at the same time bringing up even more questions.

This is one of my favorite things about Dark Matter.  The show throws a ton of mysteries at us, but it metes out just enough answers to keep the viewer feeling satisfied.  And the kicker is many of those answers come with even more questions of their own, thus fueling our continued and growing interest in the show.  Combine that with instantly lovable and memorable characters and it’s not hard to understand why Dark Matter is a worldwide success.

UPDATE: Once you’re done watching the trailer, read my breakdown of it at Dark Matter Extended Trailer Breakdown – Let’s Dissect This Puppy,

Dark Matter is exactly the kind of show that’s bringing Syfy back to its glory days.

It starts out much like the other trailers, establishing the prison setting and then confirming it is indeed Hyperion-8, but it quickly moves on to themes of trust and identity.  Those were very prevalent in season 1 and it’s no surprise they continue into the second season.  The real surprises, however, will come in the form of answers to the questions of who these people are and who can be trusted.

Oh, and did you notice FIVE was again doing something that seemed very out of character for her?  Well, out of character for FIVE, but maybe not for … Emily Kolburn!  I believe we also see the appearance of Jace Corso in a longer shot this time.  Eagle-eyed reader “JS” pointed out to me that we saw him in the first trailer and it looks like he/she was right.

We have the best damned readers!  Thanks, JS!

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Dark Matter will return July 1, 2016 on Syfy and Space

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