NEW Dark Matter S2 Trailer #2

NEW Dark Matter S2 Trailer #2 – Dark Is the New Black

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We begged for it.  We screamed for it.  We tweeted for it.  We got it.  What am I talking about?  Why, another trailer for the upcoming second season of Dark Matter!

This one’s a little meatier than the first one, relying on slightly longer shots, though they’re still very quick takes as is the case with most trailers.  At least this one doesn’t require lightning-fast reflexes to catch a 3 frame shot of something juicy!  But like a ripe orange, this sucker is full of juicy goodness you’re going to want to enjoy over and over.  Okay, so you can’t actually enjoy the same orange juice “over and over”, but I’m an overly-excited geek using a poor analogy for good purpose.

The trailer begins with a couple of customary prison scenes to set the stage for at least 3 of our crew and we get an outside shot of Hyperion-8 which, since it appears to be built on a barren moon or asteroid, will be pretty damned hard to escape from.  There are some new, yet familiar, faces (Hello, Mike Dopud! At last …) and there are some familiar faces acting very differently (How YOU doin’, Android?) and FIVE says three little words you’d never expect her to say.  No, not those three little words.

Just watch and be amazed, shocked, thrilled, enthralled, surprised, gobsmacked, delighted, excited, agitated, and amazed.  I know I said “amazed” twice, but that’s just how damned amazed you’re going to be. ENJOY!!

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Dark Matter will return July 1, 2016 on Syfy and Space

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