Dark Matter: TRAILER! Joe’s Blog Breaks It Down

Right now, I feel like Six. Really. Tom’s away, and has asked me to hold the steering wheel, keep the Raza on course, so to speak, but I’d rather take it somewhere else. Out for a spin. We don’t know what Six is doing, why he did it, who he really is…. oh, ok, you just want the trailer. Here’s the newest Season 2 vid out there:

And of course, our fearless leader, Joe Mallozzi, takes us where we have trouble going on our own. You’d think he had inside info or something. In his most recent blog entry, he teases us with screen shot after screen shot, and tells us, “YOU CAN’T HIDE.  Who’s “you”?  The crew of The Raza presumably.  But what could they be hiding from?  And, perhaps most interestingly, what could they be hiding?  Themselves?  Information?”

And he apparently hasn’t been very nice to some of our cast members – check out Anthony Lemke and  Alex Mallari Jr.:












“In retrospect, I guess the production SHOULD have sprung for those stunt doubles.”

What do YOU think is going on in the trailer? What are your theories? What’s happened to ANDROID??? Tom will be back next week, and he’ll have his own spin on this – now I’m going to slink back to Killjoys, where we’ve got people to save as well.

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