Fear The Walking Dead Review- Ep 204 ‘Blood in the Streets’

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Fear The Walking Dead is becoming another favorite show from AMC! In this episode,”Blood in the Streets‘, things are getting much more clear! Especially about Victor Strand! We learned just a little bit more about who he is and who he is hell bound to get to.

Throughout the whole episode, we get to meet Strand before he was the boat dick. Starting out as a con man, we see Strand in a bar, before the outbreak. Talking up a guy, telling him about losing it all and going bankrupt. When this man, whose name is Thomas Abigail, gets drunk, we see Victor helping him up to a hotel room. When Victor sees that the man is obviously rich, he steals all of his credit cards. He sees the opportunity and takes it. He is a grifter!


Meanwhile, on the yacht, we see trouble coming. A small boat with survivors are yelling for help. They say a pregnant girl is in pain, and they need to board. Chris grabs a gun, but is totally confused as to use it or not. Strand grabs for his hidden gun, but finds that Daniel has taken the clip! Next we see Strand on the raft, trying to get away from the yacht.

When the survivors board,(without permission), all hell breaks loose. JACK! Jack, and mean ass friend Reid, played by Jesse McCartney, (yes, the pop star) and pregger girl, are toting guns and it is not good! They more or less start fighting and take over our group. They see Strand escaping and shoot at him, leaving the raft unusable.


Jack takes Alicia to the side and she is questioning why they are doing this. She wants safety for her family, and starts using some girlish head games on him. She tells him she will go with him to his group to keep her family safe.


Reid is not a very nice guy. He touts about how his leader Conner is coming. They want the boat and plan on killing everyone to get it. Madison plays sympathy mom, and tries to get the pregnant girl to believe the baby is dead and infected inside her. This is just pissing the girl off!


Strand has sent Nick secretly to the island to get Luis. Swimming naked in the dark, he gets on shore, dresses and heads towards a tent city. He kills an infected and smears the gore all over to become invisible. It works of course , as he walks the streets of the island to get to Luis. Once found, Luis almost shoots him, until he shows the message from Strand. He gets cleaned up and they head off to the yacht.


Throughout the episode, we find out more and more about Strand and what he is up to. After taking the guy’s credit card, we assume he uses them to get back in the life he was accustomed to. We find him in a hotel when there is a knock at the door. It is Luis, Abigail’s main man, and/or bodyguard. When Strand let’s the guy in, he is followed by Thomas. Thomas didn’t seem too upset that Victor used about $33,000 of his credit to establish himself again. They make a deal. Victor is obligated to Thomas, hence the relationship begins. Obviously, Victor is working for the man, and also making him money in some sort of scam or another. It is Thomas, who Victor is trying to get to in Mexico. Why? Well, that’s where the money is, and the safety. AND, Thomas and Victor are lovers! Yes, I said that! In a flashback, it is shown that they are both worried about this outbreak, and Victor has to return to L.A., to take care of some business. Thomas kisses him, and makes Strand promise to be back soon. Thomas tells Victor he loves him. Seeing a Strand back story was amazing! We all wanted to know more about him, and now we do.


Meanwhile on the yacht, trouble is brewing. Conner, the leader shows up with more gun power and followers. He decides to take Travis and Alicia, back to his compound. he finds them useful. He leaves a few extra people on the yacht. All of this time, certain members of our group are trying to get loose. They don’t know where Nick went and are fearful for him.


Nick and Luis are now almost to the boat. Nick sees that there are armed people on board, and Luis shoots two of them down! All hell breaks loose on the yacht as they get untied and attack Reid with a tire iron, and stab him through the stomach. They are still uncertain if Strand is alive, but are really happy that Nick has returned.

Madison takes the small boat out to look for Strand. She finds him, hypothermic, and barely hanging on to what is left of the raft. She helps him out of the water and into the boat.


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