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Game Of Thrones 607 Preview – The Broken Man

By: Robert Prentice
game of thrones hbo

The Blood Of My Blood was a bit underwhelming on the action front after coming off the “The Door” episode and the loss of Hodor but what happen in this episode was a lot of backstory and setup for what feels like the final confrontation finally coming into play. We all want to see the Starks get their revenge after getting so heavily destroyed the past 6 seasons.

Uncle Benjen’s return was one I was sort of expecting for a long time, and knew it was him the moment he protected Bran and Meera. Bran’s importance in the war to come is slowly being revealed and while that happens north of the wall, another Stark puts herself in a bad position. Arya fails at her second chance as ‘No One’ and now has a kill order out on her, but after finding needle right where she left it, I happen to think she has this all planned out. And if next weeks episode synopsis is any indication, I was right.

The High Sparrow won a huge blow against Jamie and the Tyrell’s in an unexpected alliance between King and Queen and the faith. Hard to say whom is playing whom in this setup but the Lannister’s never sit idly by while they are being mocked and laughed at.

The High Sparrow eyes another target. Jaime confronts a hero. Arya makes a plan. The North is reminded.

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