Once Upon A Time: Season Finale Opens Up A Whole New Storybrooke

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The season five finale of Once Upon A Time offered up a new story-line set up for the next season as per usual, which is always the standard MO for this show, but the writers started this particular set up early this time around. I am a long-term viewer of the show, and can tell you that this finale had a different feel to it. I was expecting the usual, with the new seasons villain introduced at the very last minute of the finale, and then we are left with a less than stellar excitement.

We were introduced to not only one villain in Mr.Hyde, but a whole plethora of literature baddies to choose from. We saw that Henry found several other volumes of Once Upon A Time novels, full of all kinds of literary characters as far back as we can remember.  In the world where Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde came from, I can’t even begin to tell you how many I did see. We are going into season 6, and I am wondering why the writers are just now going this route. It doesn’t matter, because it is going to happen and I am super excited. I feel as if my love for this show has been rejuvenated, because this finale had a bit of the season one feel to it, the feeling where anything is possible, if you only just believe.

I am not going to go over every little bit of the finale, because that would be redundant, but I will focus in one some of the things that I loved and/or disliked. I can see why Emma thought Regina would go all “Evil Queen” again, because she did it before. When she lost her true love once before, she went to the dark side, so it was logical to think that she would do so again. I don’t know why Robin was killed, but maybe the writers felt it was the only way to set up the Jekyll and Hyde, Regina/Evil Queen story for next season.

I was totally blown away when, at the end, the Evil Queen was separated from Regina, and was now basically Regina’s evil twin. I thought that every little new trick the writers threw at me would not surprise or shock me, because I would have already guessed it. I am happy to say that I am delighted to say how wrong I was on that score, because I totally did not see that coming.

I know some think that Henry is a bit of whiner, but I can’t completely subscribe to that notion. This kid has seen magic destroy a lot of people and things that he loves, so I can hardly blame the kid for wanting to destroy magic once and for all. Henry used to be intrigued with magic, and loved it enough to make everyone else believe. I think, at some point he started seeing magic as a source of pain and unhappiness that he was becoming disenchanted with the whole idea of it.

That moment, by the fountain when Henry was asking everyone else to simply just believe in the idea of magic, he was asking himself to believe in it again, the same as he did in the first season. Henry is growing up right before our very eyes, but it reminds us all that just because we appear to have put away such childish notions, we know deep down that we still believe.

I loved how the Jekyll and Hyde story played out, and I absolutely loved seeing Sam Witwer on my television screen again. I think he will make an excellent villain, and next season is going to be fun as a result. It is not just the Hyde plot I am excited for, but also for who all he might have brought with him to Storybrooke. I don’t have much to say about Gold, as he is really working my last nerve, the selfish little man that he is!

Storybrooke is in need of a few great villains, and Hyde is just the tip of the iceberg. What I would love for the powers that be at Once to do is to make a villain or villains last all season long, and for the villains to be an actual force to be reckoned with, rather than being easy to defeat. I know our heroes are good, but they need a real foe, and one that is not so easily beaten. Again, Hyde and the Evil Queen are a great start, and if season 6 is to be the last, I want it to go out with a BANG!

My only complaint about the finale has to do with continuity, and where leaving Storybrooke is concerned. I still want to know how it is that Regina, Gold, etc, can safely cross the town line without losing all knowledge of Storybrooke? Did something change in that regard, and I simply missed it? If so, then I take it back, if not, then I guess I may never get an answer. I know a lot of magical stuff has happened, and it is possible that I missed out on that fact changing.

I thought this was the best season finale of Once Upon A Time from that of the last few, and it was a great thing to see. I am really excited and pumped to see what season 6 will bring, and I hope that the writers will give me an epic season of villains and heroes. I am talking a few season long villains, and lots and lots of magical action!

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