Outlander: Ron Moore Chats Before the Game

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By: Erin Conrad May 6, 2016

You never know what you’ll find on Twitter. Here I was, thinking about heading to bed…. and saw that Ron Moore had just completed a short Q&A. So I wanted to bring it to you quickly!

Ron – I’ll do a quick Outlander Q&A before the game – not sure what time, so watch this space and I’ll say when.

Q (Terry Dresbach) uh oh.
A No costume questions please…

Q (Terry) What IS your favourite costume. I have never asked you that!
A The “stables dress” as we call it. Because I was there when you found the fabric and because it’s just stunning. (note: to hear this story, see my red carpet interview with Terry here)
(Terry) No honey, we call it “Dressage Dress” but you are forgiven.


Q How was your cruise?
A Best vacation I’ve had in years. Wonderful trip, amazing ship – Oceania Riviera.

Q Is there going to be a Season 3?
A Nothing official yet but I’m very, very optimistic and we’re actively starting to plan.

Q Diana gives you a great guide to follow. How do you ultimately decide what to adapt from books and what to keep out?
A It’s a long complicated process. We always start with the book and only make changes we feel necessary for TV.

Q Has Terry ever gone to a baseball game with you?
A She has. In fact she was there the night Barry Bonds broke the HR record.
A (Terry) yes, it was the night that whatsis name hit the billionth home run.

ron 1

Q Best baseball game you’ve ever been to in person?
A The World Series game in 2014 where we came from behind to win. Amazing night.

Q Favorite DS9 episode?
A In the Pale Moonlight.

Q How is preparing for Season 3? Are you excited about the ship aspect?
A Very exciting to talk about the ships. Whole season looks like a lot of fun. Very challenging – but that’s Outlander.

Q What’s your favorite beer?
A Not a big beer or wine person. Cocktails are my thing. A great martini is perfection.

Q A lot show up for free drinks?
A About seven or eight I think.

Q Harder to produce – Outlander S1 or S2 and why?
A Both challenging for different reasons. S1 is just getting it up and going, S2 was changing everything about S1.

Q You mentioned DIA harder to adapt for TV than Book 1 – how will it be to adapt Voyager (if a S3 of course)?
A Voyager is a little easier in terms of story but very complex for production.

Q What book are you currently reading?
A Path to Power – the Years of Lyndon Johnson by Robert Caro.

Q Are the Giants going to the World Series and will that interfere with filming Season 3?
A My superstitious nature will not allow me to answer this question.

Q Has Ian been cast yet? Or William?
A Not yet.

Q What’s your favorite set for this season and why?
A Claire and Jamie’s apartment was just wonderful. I also loved the “star chamber” as we called it which hasn’t been seen yet.

Building the Star Chamber (picture by Erin Conrad, from a panel at New York University)

Building the Star Chamber (picture by Erin Conrad, from a panel at New York University)

Q Does Sam Heughan have to wear the scars on his back every time he filmed in S2?
A Only when he had to take his shirt off.

Q Guilty pleasure TV show?
A The League.

Q When structuring S2-3, do you have all the scenes you want adapted tagged with sticky strips?
A We start with all the scenes upon the board and work from there.

Q Any other shows (other than Outlander) that you’re into right now? I’ve just got into Peaky Blinders!
A Penny Dreadful, The Americans, Vinyl, Better Call Saul, Big Bang Theory.

Q Creating TV shows or driving around in a van solving mysteries?
A TV shows, but it’s a close call.

Q What’s your most enjoyable challenges as a show runner?
A Breaking stories in writers room and working in editorial.

Q Surprises for book fans in Episode 13?
A There are a few surprises in 213.

Q Favorite shooting location of all time?
A Nothing beats standing on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise.

Q How do you keep the actors from freezing when filming in the cold and damp? Do they have those little heating pads in their shoes?
A That’s a good question for Terry.
A (Terry) Yes they have heating pads wherever they want them, but in Scotland they are wrapped in layers of the warmest wool.

Q Do you ever get emotional while filming or watching the finished pieces? If so, is it more from pride or the storyline/elements?
A I get emotional sometimes just pitching scenes in the writers room.You try to put yourself in the moment.

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