David Ramsey Panel

Wizard World Minneapolis 2016: David Ramsey Panel

Check out this video highlighting some of the best moments during the “Protecting Star City with David Ramsey” panel at Wizard World Comic Con Minneapolis on May 7th, 2016! He entertained the crowd with a wide range of stories about his time as John Diggle/Spartan and answered fan questions.

David Ramsey was born in Detroit, Michigan to Jeraldine and Nathaniel Ramsey. He has 5 siblings. He graduated from Mumford High school and turned down a scholarship to attend the University of South Carolina. David is part of the cast of TV-series Arrow (2012) and has also stared in the TV-series Dexter.

David was pumped to be in Minneapolis and took the opportunity to visit the Mall of America—something the locals take for granted because we have such easy access to it. He talked about Diggle’s dramatic storyline with his brother Andy, how he’s been given a grander role now that he’s (hero name?), and what fans can expect from upcoming episodes of Arrow. He even addressed the widely-spread idea of how much he looks like Magneto in his new helmet. David agrees, it does look a lot like Magneto’s iconic headpiece.

David also talked about how Arrow and The Flash film right next to each other, and how he’s envious that everything on The Flash is so much lighter than Arrow (literally and figuratively). He mentioned that The Flash has pop (or soda, if that’s your preferred term) for their cast and crew, but Arrow doesn’t, so he sneaks over there to get some.

When asked a question about jokes and pranks on set, David told use that John Barrowman (who plays Malcolm Merlyn) is the funniest guy around. If the cast is full of children, Barrowman is the infant of the group, David said. Barrowman forgets his lines, pulls silly jokes, and is simply the class clown of the cast.
It was great to see him on a panel of his own, and Minneapolis was overjoyed to have him as a guest.
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