Grimm Panel

Wizard World Minneapolis 2016: Grimm Panel

Check out this video highlighting some of the best moments during the Grimm panel at Wizard World Comic Con Minneapolis on May 7th, 2016! Cast members Sasha Roiz, Bitsie Tulloch, and David Giuntoli talked about the exciting stuff happening on Grimm and answered questions from the fans.

Sasha Roiz was born in Israel and was raised in Montreal, Canada. Roiz has guest starred on some of television’s most notable programs, including Emmy-nominated shows such as House, The Mentalist, CSI and NCIS. Roiz’s introduction to feature films began with supporting roles in Roland Emmerich’s blockbuster The Day After Tomorrow; 16 Blocks, opposite Bruce Willis; and Man of the Year, alongside Robin Williams. Roiz was later seen opposite Samuel L. Jackson in the film Unthinkable. Roiz’s first starring role was in the independent science fiction thriller Extracted. He has also starred in Caprica and stars in the forthcoming action packed feature film Pompeii. He currently stars as the mysterious Captain Renard, chief of police on Grimm.

Bitsie Tulloch was born on January 19, 1981 in the USA. She is an actress and producer, known for Grimm (2011), The Artist (2011) and Concussion (2015).

David Giuntoli was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but raised in St. Louis, Missouri. He was educated at St. Louis University High School and moved on to Indiana University Bloomington, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and Finance. Giuntoli relocated to Los Angeles to forge a career in acting, and joined the Echo Theater Company. His first television appearances, however, were on reality shows The Challenge and Road Rules. Acting success followed with roles in, amongst others, Privileged and Eli Stone. In 2011, Giuntoli was cast in the leading role of Nick Burckhardt in NBC’s Grimm.

The Grimm trio talked about a variety of topics, from their greatest fears to the difficulties of working with babies (especially twins!) on set. They were asked about what it’s like to work with Jacqueline Toboni (who played Trubel), what was the most intense part/situation of working on Grimm, and what to expect from upcoming episodes (spoiler alert–a beloved character will die!). They even speculated on how the series might end.

The cast shared some of the behind the scenes secrets as well, such as making items out of sugar so they break easier and sewing buttons on by a single thread so they rip easier. The trio was also asked about on-set pranks, of course. David is the child of the cast, performing silly antics like putting raw bacon in shoes and lotion on doorknobs.

Sasha, David, and Bitsie were wonderful guests and Minneapolis was delighted to have them at the convention

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