Dark Matter Digest, June 12

Dark Matter Digest, June 12: How to Win That Free Script!

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After all the antici … pation, it’s hard to believe the premiere of Dark Matter’s second season is less than three weeks away.  And if you were disappointed that last week’s entry only told of an upcoming chance to win a script, I hope you’ll be happy to know that this week’s entry delivers on that promise.

Saturday was the day Joe opened up the contest and you have until the premiere to enter.  But this entry requires you to do some thinking and have a little fun at the same time.  Read on for details.


Settling back in in Vancouver, Joe shared some shots from the upcoming season, including one you may have seen before with a familiar-looking blonde.  No prison would be complete without an assortment of homemade shivs, and Hyperion-8 is no exception.  The day was capped off with some more gorgeous concept art from Stargate: Atlantis.


The daily grind hits everyone on Monday, and even though he was supposed to be taking some time off, Joe continued to work.  Part of that work included looking over footage for an eternal fan favorite: the gag reel.  The recent return of the Screenshot of the Day included this little beauty from season 2.

Dark Matter Digest, June 12

“I’m in the hallway to hell” (Image courtesy Joseph Mallozzi/Prodigy Pictures)


We’ve mentioned Joe’s new pilot project a few times and he’s revealed it’ll be a military scifi show.  Today, he’s called out for assistance from military vets to advise him during the creation of this new pilot.  And you can’t miss his guest spot on the Geek Soul Brother podcast coming up this Tuesday, June 14 at 10E/9C/8M/7C.  I think I have that right; double check at the link just to be sure.


ONE guest stopped by Joe’s place today.  Marc Bendavid spent some quality time with his boss, which naturally included food.  Everybody take a snack break, the man has gone and made me hungry again.  It’s really easy to do.


Dark Matter is already a global hit, and today we learned the show’s reach is continuing to grow.  NBCUniversal is partnering with OSN to launch Syfy in the Middle East and Africa.  The Raza crew are on the fast-track to world domination.

Dark Matter Digest, June 12

“Hello darkness, my old friend.” (Image courtesy Joseph Mallozzi/Prodigy Pictures)


Preparing for the weekend also means preparing for the “Win A Script” contest.  Today’s entry explains how the contest will work and what you need to do to enter.  Finishing the entry are some more cool Stargate images, which I always find bittersweet because I still miss the franchise … a lot.


Today’s the day!  You can be somebody!  No, the new phone books aren’t here, so calm down.  Now, get excited for your chance to win a signed, annotated copy of a script from season two’s premiere episode!  Click on the link, match dogs to episode titles, put your choices in the comments section of Joe’s blog entry, and cross your little paws!  I would wish you good luck, but I’m not gonna lie, I really want to win a script.

Now go enter that contest!

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Dark Matter will return July 1, 2016 on Syfy and Space

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