Outlander: Prestonpans Preview – Je Suis NOT Prest

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We’re in the final stretch of episodes for Season 2 of Outlander. As Jamie and Claire approach the inevitable outcome of the battle of Culloden, we march along with them – unwilling, unready, unprepared, but unable to tear ourselves away. BEWARE: If you don’t want even a hint of spoilers, don’t go past the video clip.

Here’s a clip that was provided to Esquire magazine:

I’ve done a few “worry warning” previews this season and last, letting you know what to be aware of and when. I don’t think there’s anything specific in this episode that is as concerning for those with triggers – if you haven’t read the books, you should know at least that there is a bloody battle and some explicit wound scenes. But I want to warn you that there will be some events that will strike close to your heart. (At one point, I gasped so loudly that my son in another room came running.)

10 8/9/10

Photo courtesy Starz

Yes, Dougal, we want to embrace this episode with open arms, but I think our arms will have to be filled with a box of tissues, a bottle of wine, a blanky, and perhaps – just a suggestion – you should have a good friend come over and help you through it. Samantha, Koko and Alyson, what’s mine is yours. You’ll understand soon.

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