Outlander: Ron Moore Does 2nd Weekend Twitter Q&A

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For the second time this weekend, Ron Moore opened up the Twitter floor to questions from fans! No startling revelations, but there were some personal tidbits about his career, and something about elbows.

Q A season 3 or 4 character you’re excited to cast? One you think might be difficult to cast?
A Looking forward to Young Ian and Older Fergus.

Q What are you drinking right now?
A Just water, alas.

Q What’s your favorite thing about your job?
A Being in the writers room is still the best part of the job.

Q Fave episode this season?
A 207 & 213.

Q Did you start off knowing you were  a writer?
A Wrote stories even as a kid but didn’t take it seriously as a professional until after I left college and had to start over in LA.

Q Favorite scene in episode 212?
A Colum’s death with Dougal monologue

Q What does it take to get a job as a writers PA or assistant for Outlander?
A Right place and the right time and a host of people and professional skills.

Q What do you like better, writing or producing?
A I’m a writer. If you ask me what I do, that’s what I say.

Q What scene are you looking forward to shooting for Voyager?
A All the ship scenes.

Q What was the moment you knew Battlestar Galactica was going to be something special?
A When I saw the miniseries projected on the big screen at DGA before it aired. Crowd was wowed and we knew it was special.

Q Are you going to film season 3&4 in Scotland or are you coming to the US?
A Definitely in Scotland for S3. No decision beyond that.

Q Bringing any new writers to the group for S 3&4?
A Just hired four very talented writers.

Q Frank have a significant role in Season 3?
A Yes. I think to understand Claire you have to understand Frank. (Editor’s Note: This brought a flurry of responses which I won’t publish here, as I typically only add responses from other “Outlander” people, and Ron didn’t respond to any of the replies; however, you may want to go back and read them.)

Q Maril said she cried watching 213. Did you?
A Some very emotional moments in 213.

Q Did you read all the books before deciding to adapt the story?
A Just the first. Read the other books later.

Q Is it really hard to know what to send to the cutting room floor to meet time requirements?
A It’s usually pretty clear what’s slowing down the story or not working but sometimes it can be really tough.

Q Do you ever regret a cut?
A I regretted a fringe cut once… too short. ;(

Q Favorite book of all time?
A The Hornblower books by CS Forester.

Q Has the adult Lord John casting begun yet?
A No. No casting has begun for S3/4 yet.

Q How does one become a writer for a show?
A Every writer has a different story – no sure way in.

Q When will Season 3 begin filming?
A Late August/Early September.

Q Your wife says you have the better hair but Sam Heughan has the better pecs. Your thoughts on that?
A I tend to think I have the better earlobes but he has the elbows.

Q Favorite costume created this season?
A The stables dress (as I call it cause the scene was originally in the royal stables), AKA the dressage dress.


Q I’m a fan of both Battlestar Galactica and Outlander. What has been your favorite experience about working on both hit shows?
A Being part of a team that cares so deeply about something and elevates the words on the page every day.

Q What is up with Black Jack smacking his brother?
A Tobias came up with that and I liked it – Jack unable to allow himself to show vulnerability, expressed his feelings through rage. Read the interview Sam retweeted, it explains it by Tobias.

Q Do you listen to music when you write?
A Yes – I bounce around through different genres and moods. Lots of movie soundtracks – Pirates of the Caribbean most often.

Q Did you just wing it with BSG or did you have a plan all along?
A Had an idea of the direction at the beginning but enjoyed discovering the path along the way.

Q Do you follow plot structure closely or feel your way through a story?
A You mean as taught in classes? No, just do it intuitively in writer’s room then again on page.

Q We know we are getting S 3&4. Are you hoping to do all books?
A That’s the goal.

Q What was it that made you interested in the game of baseball?
A The Ken Burns documentary literally changed my life.

Q Did you have any idea Outlander fans were going to be so passionate about the show?
A I had a feeling, yes – but I’ve dealt with passionate fans most of my career and it didn’t scare me.

Q Do Maril and Terry advocate for Jamie and Claire’s intimate relationship?
A We all do. It’s a core idea of the show.

Q What is going to be the most challenging part to film in S3?
A All the stuff in the Caribbean.

Q Did you always want to become a writer/producer?
A Didn’t think being a writer was possible when I was a kid. Wanted to be a pilot then a lawyer.

Q Any thoughts to make episodes all 90 minutes – you seem to have the footage already?
A No – longer isn’t always better. Although we frequently cut things for time it also makes show tighter and more effective.

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