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Write Outlander Rhyme, Get Prizes – They’re Prime!

Announcing the Second Not-Quite-Annual Outlander Poetry Erin’s Birthday Contest! Two years ago, I invited you to submit poems about Outlander for a chance to win some inconsequential but fun prizes. This contest was held before Season 1 began, and it was a hoot! We got quite a few outstanding poems, and I had a great time reading all of them. (If you’d like to read the first batch, links will be at the bottom of this post.)

So, let’s do it again! My birthday is this week, and you can all give me a gift by coming up with the best Outlander-related poem you can write. I hear some of you saying, “Well, that disqualifies me, I’m not a writer!” Never fear, I’m not looking for professional writers (although of course any professional writer is welcome to try their hand!) – I’m looking for poetry that I find interesting, fun, emotional, amazing in some way. I won’t be the only judge – I have a group of friends who are always up for something new, and I’m attempting to recruit some celebrity judges (if any bite at my invitation, I’ll be sure to let you know). Read all the rules below and start your pencils!

  • Poems can be in any form – sonnet, haiku, limerick, free verse, song lyrics… the only restriction is that they be no more than 250 words.
  • They must be Outlander-related in some way. I will award three prizes – one in each of three categories:

– poems that in some way include Murtagh’s Eyebrows;
– poems about the Upcoming Droughtlander;
– and any other Outlander-related verse (books or TV, characters, actors, writers, crew, relationships, being a fan, etc).

  • You may enter ONE poem in each category. Try to keep it relatively clean.
  • In the previous contest, some very creative entrants also provided accompanying artwork, or sent their poem in a beautiful presentation format – while all of that is lovely, and I will attempt to reproduce it as you send it, there is no guarantee that I’ll be able to use it in that format, and it will not increase your chances or affect the judging. If you choose to submit a poem with any accompanying artwork or format, you MUST also submit it as a plainly typed piece. I reserve the right to edit for spelling.
  • Do not leave your entry as a comment on this post. Entries will ONLY be accepted by email to econrad@threeifbyspace.net. No sharing on Google Drive, DMing, PMing, or texting your entry. Please include OUTLANDER POEM and the category (above) in your subject line. Also make sure that your full name and, if you have one, your Twitter handle are included in your email. I will send you an email confirming receipt – if you don’t see an email within 24 hours, please either DM me on Twitter (@ErinConrad2) or send me a message through our Outlander Facebook page, Outlander Three If By Space. Entries will be accepted through Wednesday, June 29.
  • Prizes will be from the fun stuff I have here in my office, which may include custom-created decks of cards or other custom items, licensed merchandise, maybe some Sam magazines (I have extra Entertainment Weekly and The Box mags, among others). I’ll have to see what all I’ve got!
  • All submitted poems will be published on threeifbyspace. I will notify winners first, and then let all authors know when their poem has been posted. By submitting a poem, you are giving TIBS permission to publish your poem.


Got it? I’m excited to see what everybody comes up with!

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