12 Monkeys 212 “Blood Washed Away” – Promo & Sneak Peek

By: Tom Gardiner
12 monkeys 212 promo

We’re coming to the final two episodes of what has been an incredible season for 12 Monkeys.  It looks like we’re going to finally find Titan in this episode and hopefully learn more about it.  There’s a pretty good chance we’ll learn more about the Witness, too.  Y’know, like who he/she really is.

Episode Synopsis:

Cole and Railly attempt to stop the final paradox in the past while Ramse, Jennifer and Deacon struggle to survive the apocalypse in a last ditch effort to find the Witness.

In this sneak peek, we find Cole in 1957, having a drink with a coworker – probably whiskey sours.  The irony of the conversation is Cole’s buddy is giving him a lesson in how to use time effectively.  Of course, he’s talking about spending time with the ones we love and referring to how Cole’s wasting his time by not embracing his love for Cassie.  He may yet learn, but that’s one stubborn otter.

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