Dark Matter 204 “We Were Family” – Promo & Sneak Peek

By: Tom Gardiner
204 Dark Matter promo

It’s a very short promo, but there are some very intriguing words spoken.  If you don’t want to be spoiled at all, I suggest you read no further, though honestly these are just teases.  Personally, I love teasers and even the occasional spoiler.  For me, it’s not knowing the destination, but experiencing the journey.  So if I learn a few facts about an episode, it really only makes me more enthusiastic about seeing it when it finally airs.  YMMV.

First, Nero is complaining to THREE that nobody trusts he or Nyx, but they all seem to be fine “keeping a cop on-board.”  I’m sure he’s playing some angle, he always is.  We also see that the building TWO had in her shared memory with FIVE is the headquarters for Dwarf Star Technologies, located on Terra Prime.  So we’re talking Earth?  Cool.  And finally, an older gentleman raises a glass to THREE and says, Welcome back, son.”  What The Flaming Hell?  Oh, just watch.

Super Simple Syfy Synopsis for Dark Matter 204 “We Were Family”:

Three reconnects with his former crew while the Android finds herself in unique company.

See?  Told ya there were a lot of teases in a very short span.

This sneak peek actually gives us an answer to a question from last week’s “I’ve Seen the Other Side of You”.  The clip opens with a woman in a cabin, rushing to her young son who’s lying in his bed.  While an argument can be heard in the next room, she secrets him away to his closet.  Before she closes the door, she hands him a toy rocket ship.  You should recognize that toy from THREE’s locker, which we now understand serves as a reminder of his mother.

There’s a lot more commotion, some screaming, and then gunshots.  The terrified boy watches as shadowy footsteps approach the closet door, then the door opens.  Who’s there?  You’ll have to wait until the broadcast to find out!

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