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Dark Matter Interview: TWO, SIX, & Nyx! – Part 1

By: Tom Gardiner
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Welcome to another Dark Matter interview – This time with TWO (Melissa O’Neil), SIX (Roger Cross), and newcomer Nyx (Melanie Liburd).  The conversation was lively, to say the least!  We covered so many topics that I’ve had to split this interview up into two parts.  Here’s part one – stay tuned for part 2 coming soon!

UPDATE! – When you’re done with part 1, get the rest here:

Dark Matter Interview: TWO, SIX, & Nyx – PART 2

(Editor’s Note: Questions come from multiple reporters working for multiple outlets.  Some questions and answers were moderately edited and/or paraphrased for length and readability.)

How does the introduction of Nyx shake up the dynamic of the Raza crew?

Dark Matter Interview

Nyx is a perfect fit for the Raza crew & Melanie Liburd is a wonderful person to speak with! (Image courtesy Syfy)

Liburd: Nyx has been around for a long time, so she finally finds like-minded people that she can kind of identify and connect with.  So she fits in quite well.

O’Neil: Nyx comes in and she’s strong and powerful, and Mel brings this natural sexiness.  So I think it would be it would be crazy for there not to be someone drawn to her character.  I think like in terms of friction, everybody comes with their own set of baggage.  And it’s deciding whether or not the crew of the Raza wants to help her.  That’s all I’ll say.

Cross: Everyone has their place in a sense and we really struggle with finding our place because of the loss of the memory.  And we’ve all now kind of found our way and found our place amidst the crew.  I, of course, blow that up, or SIX I should say blows that up.

And then here comes this new person who is a very strong, powerful character also very sexy and all that.  They will probably be like eying each other up and it would naturally occur to say, “Hmm, what’s their deal?”  It spices things up, which is great.

After what SIX did in season one, will the crew ever be able to forgive him?

Cross: Naturally, there’ll be people who are more hurt than others and people who will be more forgiving than others.  Then we just have to figure out how we move forward or don’t move forward.  You may forgive, but not forget, and so that might loom a little bit.

There’s a lot that we were allowed to play with this season that I think you guys will enjoy.  And that’s what I love about this series also; everyone will relate to different people in different ways and everyone won’t agree.  People will agree with some and disagree with others.  And so it’s going to be fun to hear what people have to say.

Can you talk a little about TWO and how she continues to deal with the fact that she’s not quite human?

I don’t know if she grapples so much with the fact that she’s not human as much as the conflicts that come with not quite knowing who she is.  If anything were to go wrong, where is she supposed to go for answers?  Especially since we found that where she did come from is not exactly a hospitable environment.

So now more than ever she feels like she can do it on her own because she’s empowered by this knowledge.  Because of this revelation, the fact that she has nanites that replicate in her body and help to heal her in a rather fast way, she might have some sense of invincibility on a certain level.

Where will TWO’s made-to-order heart lie in season two?  We’ve seen her with ONE and THREE.  Then there have been suggestions on social media that maybe she gets a girlfriend.  What are your thoughts on that?

Dark Matter Interview

Melissa O’Neil is her usual spectacular self, both on the screen and in person! (Image courtesy Syfy)

O’Neil: That’s something that I’ve been grappling with a lot.  As much as I’d like to see TWO explore things that any woman would, I feel like she’s got some seriously big fish to fry and that those thoughts probably consumer her.  They probably motivate her in a huge way.

I love that it’s become a conversation. I can’t even tell you guys how many times I’ve been asked that question on Twitter because I was being a bit of a knob and making jokes about Nyx.  But you know, who knows?

It would be really neat to see her like that.  But I agree with one comment I saw on Twitter which is that she’s got a lot going on and I’m not sure if that’s a part of what drives her given her origins.  I mean I do hope to continue exploring that part of her story.

Cross: Are you accusing her of being free with her loving, Tom?

O’Neil: Free with my loving? Shut up, Roger!

Liburd: It’s the future!

O’Neil: I mean, we’ve all got open minds.

Cross: Exactly.

O’Neil: Oh God.

I doubt Nyx’s introduction into the group is going to be without its problems.  I also have a feeling you’ll have a different kind of trouble from THREE.  Do you think you’ll have to keep that guy in line?  He seems a little “grabby”.

Liburd: Oh, I know, he’s cheeky.  We have some really interesting fun together, actually, with the dynamics of that relationship.  And there are moments where he drives me insane and there are moments where I think, oh he’s not such a bad guy.  But that’s THREE for you though.

Roger, are you anything at all like SIX?

Cross: Oh man, I think I’m very different than SIX.  What do you guys think?

Liburd: Yes, you’re definitely more of a jokester.

O’Neil: You’re so silly.  You have a really fun, incorrigible, cheeky side to you and we don’t get to see that in SIX, we get to see the advice giver.  You give good advice, Roger.  But most of the time you’re chilling, you’re having fun.  You’re not a traitor.

Cross: No, that’s true.

Liburd: I don’t think SIX can dance as well as Roger.  No way.  SIX hasn’t got the moves like Roger.

Melanie, can you talk about what it was like joining this cast that’s already been so established?

Liburd: When I found out I got the job I was very excited, and then obviously caught up on the whole first season.  I was also quite drawn to it because everyone was so fantastic.  But I mean it was great, it was a challenge you know.  You do your work and get to set and you try and bring as much as you can to kind of add something different and hope that it’s all going to be OK.

Last season’s theme was about people discovering who they are.  Now that they have some answers, what would you say is this season’s theme?

Dark Matter Interview

Roger Cross can always be counted on for a fun conversation. He never lets you down! (Image courtesy Syfy)

O’Neil: We continue that journey, but we find ourselves in this budding intergalactic corporate conspiracy.  And so we’re having to deal with something so much larger than us.  And it turns out that we have a very important role to play if we can get our hands on a couple of really important pieces.

And what’s really interesting about that is, if you look at what happening in today’s science news, we’re very topical.  It just so happens that Joe is writing about things that are the cutting edge of science right now.

So yes, this is going to be enjoyable both for people that are fans of the sci-fi element and also how we’ve kind of integrated some really topical themes in today’s you know science news, too.

Cross: Yes, now that we’ve, in a sense, established who the characters are, we can now explore outwards as well as inwards.  Now we can go out and you can see these people in action in their element a little bit more, and not so much questioning who they are.

O’Neil: Yes, but just to add onto that.  While we continue to figure out who we are based off of the morsels of information we were able to get last season, we’re also trying to decide what we think of each other as each person has integrated that new information and whether or not we feel like that person is capable of changing or if they were able to start with a blank slate or not.

Yes, it continues to be a lot of introspection with a lot of adventure at the same time too.

We don’t really know a lot about Nyx yet.  Could you describe her and tell us what motivates her?

Liburd: She comes across the crew of the Raza and she – I mean she’s a strong individual that’s been looking after herself and she has a kind of a secret that will come out later on.  But she needs the crew of the Raza for different reasons as well as finding people that she identifies with, like a new family.  But she also has a secret that she kind of … she’s almost been looking for a team of people like that to help her with other things which will become apparent.

She  is a very interesting character and also quite a closed character.  She is non-trusting.  She hasn’t really had any family or had anyone that she’s been very close to for a while because she has been on her own for such a long time and in and out of prison.

What are you most excited about for viewers in season two?

O’Neil: I’m really excited for them to see these new characters that we have and the developments with a few specific characters.  If I were a super fan I would be really excited to see the journey that the Android goes on this season.

Liburd: I’m really excited for the fans to see all the fight sequences.  I’ve been blown away just watching everyone in action, like seeing Melissa do her stuff and the big, big fight scenes.  I mean, in the first episode we kick off with a huge sequence which I can’t wait to see.

Cross: I agree the interaction of the new cast members, plus a lot of things that we’re allowed to explore now and go on more adventures.  Because now we’ll still be discovering something about ourselves, but we don’t have to explain as much to the fans because now that you know this is what is going to happen, we’ll have some fun with it.

UPDATE! – Part 2 is here! Dark Matter Interview: TWO, SIX, & Nyx – PART 2

Stay tuned for part 2 of our interview, coming VERY soon!  You’ll get to hear answers to some fan-submitted questions, find out who would actually go into space if given the chance, and what they all might do were they not acting.  Believe it or not, it’s even more fun than we had today!

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