Dark Matter at SDCC 2016

Dark Matter at SDCC 2016: Badasses and Better Angels

Our Dark Matter coverage of SDCC 2016 began with “Dark Matter at SDCC 2016: Melissa O’Neil & Anthony Lemke“.  Our next interview focuses on Jodelle Ferland (Five) & Alex Mallari, Jr. (Four).  The three-parts of the interview cover a lot of ground in a very fun and easy going conversation between the two stars and press.

In part one, Jodelle talks about how much fun she’s having showing a stronger side of Five.  Alex talks about how much he enjoys the various fighting styles and weapons he gets to use as Four.

In part two, Jodelle talks about her titular line, “Kill them all”, and how fun it is to play opposite Zoie Palmer’s Android.  Alex talks about how he was terrified by his first vision of Jodelle on the set, thanks in no small part to her role in Silent Hill.  And they both talk about where they’d like to see the story take their characters in the future.

Part three sees Alex discussing who has the greater motivation to regain the Ishida throne: Four the amnesiac or Ryo with his memories. His answer is very interesting!

If you didn’t already know, Jodelle Ferland is a big fan of Doctor Who.  We asked her how she would react if she were given the chance to play the Doctor’s companion one day.  I don’t think her answer will surprise anyone!  It’s also great to learn that they’re both as much fans of the show as they are an integral part of it.

Stay tuned for more interviews from SDCC!

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