The Expanse Casts Bobbie Draper

The Expanse Casts Bobbie Draper for Season 2

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The Expanse, Syfy’s mega-hit with a mega-budget used to full effect, is returning for a second season in 2017.  Entertainment Weekly is reporting some very good news for fans of the books in an exclusive first look and interview with showrunner Naren Shankar.  The news is that fan favorite character, Roberta “Bobbie” Draper (A descendant of Don, perhaps?) has been cast for season two.  Filling the Martian Marine boots for the role is New Zealand actress and boxer Frankie Adams.

The 6-foot-tall Adams is as imposing as she is beautiful, furthermore she’s a perfect casting choice.  The character of Draper is described as a 6-foot half-Polynesian Marine and not only does Adams fill the height requirement, she’s also of Samoan heritage, which makes her literally perfect for the part.  The Expanse has been applauded for maintaining the ethnicities of the stories’ characters and as a result of this announcement, we know they’re serious about doing a superb job.  Finally, a show that stays true to their characters and as a result, viewers are responding with overwhelming positivity.

The Expanse Casts Bobbie Draper

Frankie Adams as Bobbie Draper (Image courtesy

In case you’re wondering if Bobbie will show up late in the series, fear not, because it’s promised you’ll see her within the first 3 seconds of the show.  Talk about instant gratification!  Apparently, the second season will open with Bobbie and her team, and will spend time getting to know them.  As a result, viewers will get a better perspective of the Martians and Draper’s team.  It seems like The Expanse is expanding.  For the full article at click HERE.

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The Expanse season 2 will premiere in 2017

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