Killjoys 202 “Wild, Wild Westerley”: Promo & Sneak Peek

By: Tom Gardiner
202 killjoys promo syfy

On the next Killjoys, our reunited team heads back to what’s left of Old Town.  It looks like they’re doing their jobs, hunting down some escaped convicts.  But it isn’t long before they realize they’re in a much bigger heap of doo doo than they signed on for.  I’m not exactly sure yet what the exact source of said excrement may be, but we’re going to have one hell of a time finding out.

And this time John’s not chafed, he’s … well I’ll let him tell you.

Hmm, “New Old Town” just doesn’t sound right.  Besides, it still looks pretty old to me.

In this sneak peek, we again get to see a glimpse of Pree’s badass side.  We always knew he was a badass, but Big Daddy Scrimshaw REALLY doesn’t take lightly to someone taking over The Royale.  It turns out neither do his friends, and in true Dutch fashion, she challenges the new “owner” to a fight.  But more than a battle for dominion over the bar, Dutch is causing a distraction so the boys can scan for their targets.  Yeah, Killjoys are damned good at multitasking and breaking things.  That’s just a couple of reasons why we love them.

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