Killjoys 203 “Shaft”

Killjoys 203 “Shaft”: Promo & Sneak Peek

By: Tom Gardiner
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This week, we go from the wide-open realms of outer space down into the claustrophobic confines of a creepy abandoned mine.  If Scooby and Shaggy were here there would be a lot of “Zoinks!” heard during this particular outing.  There are cryptic symbols of dire portent regarding fighting “the devil” and a lot of darkness.  But this isn’t the sparkly darkness of space, it’s the dank confines of a mine.  Keep your eyes open because I think we know this “devil” the scriptures speak of.


Killjoys 2×03 “Shaft” – A rescue mission to the Badlands goes wrong when the Killjoys encounter an unexpected enemy in an abandoned mine.

The sneak peek has our Killjoys coming across an abandoned ship that’s landed in the desert.  While that may be rare, that’s not the oddest thing going on here.  Our Killjoys didn’t find the ship by accident, the crew of said ship called for an evac just a week prior.  Now, it’s completely empty and there’s moss growing on the hull.  How and why did the ship go from being actively used to decrepit and moss-covered, in a desert, no less, in just a week?  We’re going to have to wait until the broadcast on Friday to find out.

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