Outlander: Lionel Lingelser, King Louis of France, Chats with Twitter Fans

In Season 2 of Outlander, Lionel Lingelser made a huge impression on us as King Louis of France. Although he was only in a few scenes, he played the role of the imperious young royal to a T! Lionel answered fans’ questions today on Twitter, and here’s the conversation!


Q Have you or will you be doing projects with other French Outlander actors?
A Not for the moment!

Q How did you rehearse for the potty scene? And how much fun was filming it?
A I remember the camera man during the first shoot completely laughing out loud, his camera was shaking at the end! Sam and Duncan were very professional, they helped me a lot. The porridge is working – long scene, long day, first time in my life I pushed so long in front of a camera! Génial!


Q How many retakes?
A Don’t remember… a lot! I did the scene in different ways, exaggerating and simple

Q Did you watch the episodes after France?
A Yes of course! I found them brilliant and I was happy to see them in Scotland again, I hope they need King Louis soon. So happy to see them in their natural environment! Lucky Fergus!

Q Do you eat a lot of porridge now?
A Of course! I discovered in Glasgow during the shooting and now I’m completely fan!

Q Did you have any clue the significance of humiliating Black Jack Randall for the show? The fans?
A No, definitely not, I couldn’t imagine how important was this act.


Q Why don’t you visit Greece one day? Can’t wait to have you here.
A I will…I have some family in Santorini.

Q Did you like wearing the wigs?
A Yes I do. Next year you’re going to see a feature film where I play a woman … I wear a lot of wigs!

Q Does your film have a title or release date?
A Not yet… I will announce it asap. The name of the film is BIG HOUSE, directed by Jean Emanuel Godart. With Gerard Depardieu, French and English movie filmed in New York City.

Q I adore Depardieu! How was it working with him? Such a fab actor!
A Amazing!

Q Your hands were so expressive as the King. Did you come up with that yourself? The way you moved them in a scene?
A Yes, I read in a book that he was very elegant and mannered. I wanted to give that with my hands.

Q What did you think of the Star Chamber?
A So beautiful, Gary is brilliant! I was like a kid!


Q I imagine with Gary Steele’s sets and (Terry Dresbach) you must have felt like the actual king. Beautiful!
A Definitely! Just playing! I loved the suspense and the climax of that moment.

Q Have you read Diana’s books?
A I read the first and the second book… I will continue now!

Q What was your reaction when you saw the nipple dress for the first time?
Q I can only imagine it was like Murtagh’s?
A So funny, quel coquin de Murtagh! First surprised but I loved it. 🙂 This dress was wonderful! And my partner too!


Q Wham Bam sex with Claire: Did Cait giggle a lot?
A Yes, we laughed a lot, Claire is so funny! Yes, we giggled a lot in the first shot and after very professional… think to England and 3 petit coups…

Q What made the role attractive to you?
A The question of power…how to play a powerful man? Doing nothing or less … that’s very difficult! And the costume and the story of course. I love period film!

Q How do you prepare for period drama compared to more contemporary roles?
A I try to read a lot of my character and after I have big faith with costumes, it helps a lot to build the character.

Q Your humiliation of Black Jack made everyone in my house cheer. Thanks sincerely for that!
A King’s pleasure… you’re welcome!

Q Were any of your lines improvised? Your conversations with Caitriona seemed so natural.
A No nothing was improvised except some lines in French.

Q Did you do any research for your role or did you go right into it?
A I read some portraits of him but the director wanted that I find my King Louis!

Q Your gestures were so subtle yet kingly. Was there much written about the young king for you to research?
A Not too much, but enough to make me an idea of what I will take from the real King.

Q Natalie Dormer on Game of Thrones got to keep her crown, did you or did you want to keep anything from set?
A Yes!!! All my costume… the gold one but also the big royal coat with the Fleur de Lys when I was on the pot!

Q What was your favorite moment(s) on and off screen of Outlander?
A The time after the shooting with the crew, Cat, Sam and the others, especially in Wilton House in Salisbury.

Q What do you think the King liked about Claire that made him intrigued about her?
A Her skin, her eyes, her freedom and something very contemporary.

Q How has your life changed since taking on the role of King Louis XV?
A Nothing change… juste quelque fan en plus de ma mère!!

Q After playing the king do you think differently about him now than you maybe did before?
A Yes you’re right! I didn’t want to be the King of France, I love waking up alone!

Q Was it difficult maneuvering with the tricorne (hat) and the peruque (wig) AND the entire costume in the garden scene?
A Almost with the hills in the grass! So difficult… 🙂


Q Did you get to film in Scotland or just Prague?
A Just in Scotland, but already shot in Prague in a French episode of Josephine Ange Gardien, le secret des Templiers.

Q How many languages can you speak?
A French, English, German and my native dialect: l’alsacien (from Alsace)

Q What, no Italian? LOL just kidding
A My next language, for sure :-)))

Q Does costume assist you how you play your character?
A Definitely! I loved speaking about it with Terry… she’s so passionate!

Q What actor/actress would you love to work with?
A Big question… Cate Blanchett… Leo… and so many others.

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