Preacher- Ep 9 Recap and Finale Preview!

Did you see last week’s Preacher? Well if you didn’t, I have a recap for you as well as a preview for the finale!

In last week’s episode, Finish The Song, we saw a whole bunch of bloodshed! We are taken back again to 1881. The scene is set in the saloon. In a way, this saloon becomes a very strange, makeshift church service. All is going well, until the Cowboy, shows up in town. At the saloon, the preacher who knows him, as the killer of 77 men at Gettysburg, welcomes him in from the storm — as long as the cowboy professes his love for the Lord.(EW) “I love my horse, I love my wife, and I love my little girl. And as for Jesus, he can join us all in hell.” An Asian man is singing a hymn, and the Cowboy shoots everyone in the saloon! He tells the man to finish the song, and as he does, the Cowboy beheads him! As the only living person in the saloon, the Cowboy has a drink at the bar, as the bottles rattle and the wind howls.

In the back of the Sheriff’s car, Jesse tells Root that he has sent Eugene to Hell. Sheriff Root doesn’t believe Jesse is being literal. Jesse says he is sorry and jumps out of the moving car.

DeBlanc and Fiore enter a travel agency and ask to travel to hell. Now how this travel agent can get a ticket to the gates of Hell, I just don’t know. But she does it, and the 2 Angels are on there way.

Back at Tulip’s uncles house, there are many cages containing animals. Tulip calls Emily and requests that she take over watch of Cassidy. Tulip tells Emily that she can have Jesse. She explains what Cassidy is, and says she is to feed him the animals, so he can regenerate! Emily is in shock, who wouldn’t be, and says she will do it. Tulip leaves and Emily decides to wipe one of her problems out of her life. She calls the Mayor! Hiding in the house, the Mayor arrives and walks into Cassidy’s room, where he is locked in by Emily. Well that’s one way of getting rid of an unwanted boyfriend!

Sheriff Root arrives at the seedy motel room, formerly occupied by the Angels, to find a very gory scene in the bathtub. The Seraphim is cut in pieces in the tub, and Root tries to calm her down, She pleades for him to kill her. He strangles her to death with his bare hands. She pops up, in whole behind him and leaves the motel.

Breaking Bad shout out time! Fiore and DeBlanc wait for the hell shuttle in the very same spot where the van arrived to ferry Walter White and Jesse Pinkman to their new lives. It’s a fabulous little Easter egg, down to the very same dog running across the road, left to right in “Ozymandias,” and right to left in “Finish the Song.”(EW) The Angels board the shuttle for Hell and are on their way!

Jesse shows up at Tulip’s house to witness Emily freeing the little animal critters on the lawn. She tells him Cassidy is inside. He finds Cass inside, looking a little better than before and they talk about seeing each others bad sides. They forgive each other. Jesse realizes that he needs the hand of an Angel to work the Heaven phone, and cassidy shows him where to dig one up. Jesse calls Tulip and leaves her a voicemail. “I just wanted to say, for me, it’s just you. Until the end of the world.” Tulip listens to it as she is staring down Carlos, who is trussed up like a turkey!

Fore and DeBlanc make it to Hell. They meet up with the Cowboy, and tell him they have a job for him. They want him to kill someone. A preacher.

I have seen the finale. I will tell you this…you DON’T want to miss it!

Talked About Scene

Giving Cassidy the 3rd Degree Burns

Inside ‘Finish The Song’

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