He Gone

Preacher Review – Ep 106 ‘He Gone’

I can’t believe it! Eugene is still missing! Did Jesse really send him to hell? Episode 106, ‘He Gone’, tells us some useful information! Here is what I know..

In the last episode, Eugene disappeared. Did Jesse really send him to hell? I think so. Whatever is inside Jesse, gives him the power to be literal. Now don’t get me wrong, I love this show, but I am so pissed at what happened to Eugene! He is by far one of the most loved characters so far. I don’t want him to be gone! Jesse did show some remorse on his face, when he looked at the empty spot, but that quickly turned to an evil. What Jesse doesn’t know, is that Cassidy witnessed the whole thing from the balcony!

Jesse’s ideas about getting the congregation to fill up the church again, worked. With the pews packed, mainly because of Mr. Q’s pledge to serve the Lord, Jesse is getting it back to where he wanted. Sheriff Root, is busy searching for his son, Eugene, and Emily knows that he was with Jesse just a little while ago.

He Gone We were able to see many more flashbacks into Jesse’s life.  We finally found out why Jesse and Tulip came to be. She was from a broken family, and Jesse begged his father to let her stay with them. There was an instant bond between them. That is until Jesse’s dad, called Children’s Services about Tulip. They came and took her away. Young Jesse was so angry, that he prayed for his fathers death.

He GoneAs Tulip feels Jesse slipping away from her, she embarks on another way. She will cook supper! Bringing together the only ingredients she can find, she whips up a meal for Herself, Jesse, Cassidy and Emily.Dinner is interrupted by Sheriff Root, as he asks if anyone has seen his son. Jesse denies ever talking to him, but Emily and Cassidy know better. Everyone is quiet, and Tulip demands to know what is going on! He Gone Cassidy gets Jesse alone to talk about Eugene. He tells Jesse what he saw, and wants to know what Jesse will do about it. (Emily overhears this part.) Cassidy considers Eugene an innocent. Jesse argued the fact. He explains how Eugene was totally in love with Tracy. When Tracy rejected him, Eugene got a rifle and blew off the side of Tracy’s head, and then put the gun in his own mouth. He failed at the suicide attempt, thus leaving him with the disfigurement. he believes that Eugene may not be so innocent. Cassidy argued that all of them have sinned, and tempts Jesse. Cassidy asks Jesse if he would let him, Jesse’s best friend, burn. He takes off his clothes in the sunlight and starts on fire. Jesse just stands and stares.

He GoneWhen Jesse returns to the kitchen with no Cassidy, Tulip and Emily want to know where he is. Jesse doesn’t answer. He tells Tulip off, degrading her, and she leaves. Emily tries to get Jesse to open up and talk about things. She professes her belief in him, and at one point, I almost thought she would say ‘I love you’, but she didn’t. He tells her to go home. In a flashback, Jesse’s father wakes him up and tells him to hide. Getting under his bed, young Jesse, listens as his father is beaten nearly to death. The 2 men come into his room and pull him out. His father makes him promise, and the men kill the older Preacher, in front of Jesse.

Later when he is alone in the church, Jesse has a change of heart. He pulls up some floor boards and digs in the Earth. He uses his power laden voice and screams, ‘come back’. I think he realizes that this power is all wrong.

As darkness falls, a large group of men approach the church road. They are wearing headlamps. One man in particular, is riding in the front of a bulldozer. As they approach the church, we see that it is Mr. Quincannon. He is coming to take back the church and land.

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