SDCC: Gotham Season 3 First Look and Season 2 Highlight Reel

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SDCC Gotham Season 3 First Look Court Owls:

The extremely anticipated first look at Gotham season 3 came to us this weekend at San Diego Comic Con.  We saw a few highlights from last season before they kicked it up a notch with some teasers of what’s to come!

The Court of Owls will play a big role in this upcoming season and there will be a lot of new characters according to Danny Cannon, Gotham’s director.  During an interview with Three If By Space he said, “We will understand the origin of the Court of Owls and their grip on Gotham and their power.” Cannon also talked about how they plan on bringing two new characters to the show this season; they are completely original and new to the world of Gotham.

According to Cory Michael Smith, Gotham’s Edward Nygma aka The Riddler, “(Nygma) is released from Arkham as a free man” and he also hinted that there will be a lot in store for all of the characters this year.

Check out the SDCC Exclusive Gotham Season 3 Trailer:


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