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Sherlock S4 Trailer and Panel Info from ComicCon

Benedict Cumberbatch really gets around! Today’s Cumbernews centered on Sherlock’s upcoming Season 4, and a fabulous trailer was dropped.


photo by Koko PIpkin

While not exactly a light-hearted show, Sherlock has never been about world-threatening, in the way that Doctor Who has been – up until now. Sherlock’s brother Mycroft has brought him into the shadowy world of spies and terrorism – and it looks like we go even farther this season. Here’s today’s trailer:

Deadline Hollywood reported from the panel, saying that Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffatt teased future seasons, and offered three words to describe the next one: Thatcher, Smith and Sherrinford. The last is significant, because, says Deadline Hollywood, “Fans of the original Holmes novels know that Sherrinford has particularly crucial importance. For one thing, it was the original name Doyle proposed for his fictional detective. For another, it has been settled on by fans as the name of a hypothetical older Holmes brother. it would seem that Sherlock will be incorporating that fan canon into the show.” You can read the entire article here.


What could Sherlock have done that would turn his tolerant former client turned landlady against him? “Get out of my house, you reptile!” I am so ready for the return of this show! No specific air date has been set yet, but a January 2017 date has been discussed.


photo by Koko PIpkin

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