From Tex to Takehaya: The Last Ship teasers from SDCC 2016

By: Kelsey Dodge
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Tex is back in season three of The Last Ship. Straight from the mouth of Executive Producer Steven Kane, Tex will arrive to help knock heads in the near future. What’s more, the whole crew of the Nathan James will be back in St. Louis to deal with a nasty situation.

Tex returns to 'The Last ship.' Photo by TNT.

Tex returns to ‘The Last ship.’ Photo by TNT.

If you’re looking for hints about what’s to come, read on! TNT released a trailer for episode 7, “In the dark,” another that hints about the rest of the series, and some cool photos of the interview panel.

In the Dark:

  1. There’s a mole at the White House. Someone is feeding information to President Peng of New China. How else has his team of MSS agents been so hot on the heels of Captain Chandler? And how else would Takehaya have all the details on when and where to capture Slattery and crew? Is this faceless nemesis the same person responsible for the interruption of video communications that Kara and Val were working on? Five bucks says yes.

    Takehaya has a plan. "In the dark." / The Last Ship Ep 307. Photo by TNT

    Takehaya has a plan. “In the dark.” / The Last Ship Ep 307. Photo by TNT

  2. Mines! It’s a classic Kobayashi Maru: every option Chandler has looks like a losing one. Then Takehaya steps in and says he has the only plan that will work. What?! Yes, and the crew are none to happy about it. The Chinese are chasing the James with what I assume is the intent to destroy them. Takehaya leads the crew into one of his minefields and the rest we learn on Sunday. How is this a good plan? And why did Chandler and Slattery let Takehaya take them into the unknown?

    Slattery gets 'that' look. "In the dark." / The Last Ship Ep 307. Photo by TNT.

    Slattery gets ‘that’ look. “In the dark.” / The Last Ship Ep 307. Photo by TNT.

  3. Slattery makes mean faces. We’ve all come to love Slattery’s expressions and this seventh episode gives us some doozies. Also in the mix will be the “I want to snap your neck with a leg lock” expression from Jeter, and the old, “Can I shoot him out of a torpedo tube?” expression from Gator. Tensions are high as the crew struggles to follow orders from the one man they’d most like to tear apart.

Future Teasers

  1. Michener might not get a second term. From the teaser, it looks like the White House comes under attack. Kara is nearly killed and runs for her life. Allison Shaw and the territorial representatives stand in solidarity in the new Oval Office. But where is Michener? He’s no where to be found in the previews.
  2. Tex is back. With all the uproar in St. Louis, Kara goes to the one person she can trust: Tex. This is one character fans have fretted over and we finally know he’ll play an integral role in the final half of the season. Not only will he help Kara, but scenes from the trailer show that he will also meet up with Chandler, Wolf, Green and others to fight a mounting coup.

    Weapons of genocide. / The Last Ship Season 3. Photo by TNT.

    Weapons of genocide. / The Last Ship Season 3. Photo by TNT.

  3. Peng has biological weapons. As if President Peng could get any slimier, he ups the ante with his new target. Chandler thinks his intended target is Japan, which would mean genocide for an entire population in Asia if Peng is successful. Will Chandler thwart his plans? I wonder if Japan is the final target or merely the closest one. If Peng is working with someone back in the US, does that mean there will be a biological threat there too?

    Who's that in the picture with Chandler? / The Last Ship Season 3. Photo by TNT.

    Who’s that in the picture with Chandler? / The Last Ship Season 3. Photo by TNT.

  4. Is that Alex Carter? Look closely at the traitorous military commander in the teaser trailer. If that’s not Carter, it’s his doppelgänger. He manages to piss Chandler off and have his rank stripped from his uniform. I wonder what he did? All I can say is that the guest stars for this season are some of the best in the business; surely that’s good news for the series.

The hints and teasers from the new trailers are both wonderful and maddening. Does Michener die? Is the coup successful? Is the mole someone we know already? And more importantly, does Kara finally get to deck Jacob Barnes for his smarmy ways? I hate waiting to find out what will happen but I don’t have much of a choice! So I’ll just take a few deep breaths and rest in the comfort of knowing that Tex returns and Danny is going to make it home.

If you haven’t seen the new trailers, or just want to watch them obsessively, here they are in all their brilliant glory:

And some cool photos from the SDCC Panel:

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