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The Magicians Full SDCC 2016 Panel

SYFY  has released The Magicians panel from San Diego Comic Con, and it is very entertaining! This panel is the first I have ever watched that includes all the goodies that the fans at SDCC get to watch. I am talking a look back at the shows first incredible season to a sneak peak of the new season. Well, as much as they can show us greedy fans that is!  Normally, the good stuff is not included in the panel video, so major kudos to SYFY for providing the fans who could not attend with the whole SDCC experience!

That panel was truly delicious,  and very entertaining, and I absolutely cannot wait for the second season to air in 2017! There were a lot of funny moments, when Hale pulled a chair out, and Arjun ended up on the floor. I would have been embarrassed, but laughing my butt off at the same time. Wow, $50,000 dollars for the use of Shake It Off!

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That was a very expensive, but highly entertaining scene for our viewing pleasure! I don’t know about anyone else,  but I could go for another scene like that one!! What did you think of the panel? Continue to watch this space, because we will have more goodies from San Diego Comic Con!

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