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The Walking Dead-Official Season 7 Trailer and News!

Well, kids, we have all been waiting and waiting and waiting some more. The Walking Dead Official season 7 trailer is here! It has been a long and sometimes weary wait. Since the season 6 finale, we have been on pins and needles! We want to know who got the damn bat! This has been the best/worst cliffhanger in television history! Not since ‘who shot JR’, has there been this much hype and speculation. Will we see anything in the trailer. Not on your life! we won’t know the reveal until episode 1 airs in October.

It is rumored, that we will likely see Shiva. For those that don’t know, that is Ezekiel’s pet tiger. Ezekiel, is the leader of The Kingdom. Remember the horses and riders that helped Carol and Morgan in season 6? Yep, that is the Kingdom.

What we will probably would not see. I highly doubted that we would see the victim or victims of Negan’s bat attack.

Here it is in all it’s glory and after a very long wait!

The Walking Dead returns on October 23rd!






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