Wonder Woman Trailer A Far Cry from Camp

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Gal Gadot’s getting a workout! 2017 will see her flex her considerable muscle not only in Justice League, but before that, in her own Wonder Woman film! ComicCon attendees got to see the trailer for the film over the weekend. I grew up with Lynda Carter in a fairly camp TV show version, but from the looks of it, this is as far from that as it gets.

Wonder Woman stars Gadot as the Amazonian princess Diana Prince, Christopher Pine, and Robin Wright, and is set during WW 1. The film was directed by Patty Jenkins. It’s scheduled for a Summer 2017 release. If you’re an artist, the movie is encouraging fans to post their Wonder Woman fan art on Twitter, using #wwfanart. There’s not much up yet – so show ’em what you can do! Here’s the mural that was displayed at ComicCon:

ww mural

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