Dark Matter Digest Aug 21

Dark Matter Digest, Aug 21: What Might Have Been

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With only five episodes left this season, things are moving at maximum FTL speeds on Dark Matter.  It seems like things are moving just as quickly over at Joseph Mallozzi’s blog, too.  It’s your one-stop shop for pictures, teases, and behind-the-scenes info on Dark Matter.  And you’ll find information there that you won’t find anywhere else, so visit daily!

Just in case you’ve missed a day or two, we gather a synopsis of the week’s events and distill it down for you.  Each Sunday (usually!), we bring you Dark Matter Digest because we love you and the show.  It’s our way of tempting you to check out the full entries over at Joe’s blog.  Hopefully, we’ll have you visiting every day!


Today was “BTS-O-Rama” because we love that shit, man!  Clicking on the link will net you a ton of behind the scenes pictures from the making of episode 207.  Entitled She’s One of Them Now, this was the episode with the Transfer Transit “Spider-man” outfits.  You can see Alex Mallari, Jr. (Four) doing a damned good impression of the web slinger.

Dark Matter Digest Aug 21

The only way to travel. (Image courtesy Joseph Mallozzi/Prodigy Pictures)


One of the downsides to broadcast television is the constraint of time and as a result, missed scenes.  Each week, shows have to be edited to fit within a specific time, which consequently means scenes will be cut.  Today, we’re treated to some deleted scenes and dialogue from She’s One of Them Now that you’re probably going to love.


Today begins the focus on the next episode, Stuff to Steal, People to Kill.  It’s a fantastic episode and you can check out a promo and sneak peek here.  There’s also several links to episode previews, reviews, fun facts, and BTS info.  You’ll want to catch ’em all. (sorry)

Dark Matter Digest Aug 21

I love this shot! (Image courtesy Joseph Mallozzi/Prodigy Pictures)


Today was a real treat because we got some rare behind-the-scenes pictures from episode 208.  Stuff to Steal, People to Kill is such a revealing episode it was almost impossible to get spoiler-free pictures.  Somehow, Joe managed to wrangle a handful to offer all us crazy fans so we’d behave.  Good stuff worth a click and a read!


Episode 208 is such an important installment in the series, and as a result, today’s entry focused on more teases for it.  There are two exclusive clips and an interview Joe did with The Digital Fix.  Even if you’ve already seen the episode, you’ll probably find plenty to interest you at the link.

Dark Matter Digest Aug 21

A beautiful piece of VFX! (Image courtesy Joseph Mallozzi/Prodigy Pictures)


It’s game-day kids!  Time for the big alternate-universe episode that’s packed with answers … and surprises.  The episode was filled with tons of clues and call-backs to previous episodes.  Joe’s entry is similarly filled with tantalizing information and pictures.


After such a whopper of an episode comes the flood of reviews, recaps, and reactions.  Today’s post is packed full of links to such articles.  I’ve read them all, and written one, and every one has a unique insight into what happened.  That’s the fun of reviews – seeing how others interpreted what you just experienced.  I’ve read many wonderful and different perspectives that give me a better appreciation of each episode.  Try it, you’ll like it!

Dark Matter Digest Aug 21

The station in better times in a better universe. (Image courtesy Syfy)

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