Dark Matter Digest, Aug 28

Dark Matter Digest, Aug 28: Desserts, Dogs, & Discussions

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I hope you’ve seen this week’s Dark Matter already because there’s a lot of talk about episode 209 this week.  We also look back on episode 208 because it was such a damned good one.  In between, we enjoy a little dessert and celebrate man’s best friend.  No, not bacon – though I like the way you think.  We’re talking dogs!  Read on to (hopefully) make sense of my nonsense.


Hell hath no fury like a reader scorned, especially if that reader is Joe.  Today was a day of book recommendations and a tale of some truly crap reading recommendations.  But Sunday ended on a high note with Joe sharing both his past recommendations and his reliable sources for finding good reads.


Today, we look back at one of the best and most revealing episodes to date.  The alternate universe episode “Stuff To Steal, People To Kill” was loaded with callbacks to mysteries going back to episode one.  We also got to see a bit about how they did those “twin” scenes where good guys meet their evil doppelgangers.  And if you like deleted scenes, there are a few of those, too.  It’s nice to read the bits that otherwise would’ve been lost to time constraints.

Dark Matter Digest, Aug 28

Still in awe of this beautiful shot. (Image courtesy Syfy)


Continuing our look back at “Stuff To Steal, People To Kill” today’s entry presents us with more points of view.  There are also a couple of interviews; one with Anthony Lemke and another with Joseph Mallozzi.  All links are well worth the read and you’ll probably learn a few things along the way.  Finally, you’re invited to join the comic book reading club on reddit!  Go!  Join!  Read!  Take away my exclamation mark key!


Joe and Akemi entertained visiting family.  Judging by the pictures, and the openly-honest text, they all survived on a diet of only desserts.  Wait … no, there was a little dim sum involved, but I’m sure that was by accident.  Fair warning, though.  The food pictures will either make you hungry, or make you gain weight just looking at them.  Or both.

Dark Matter Digest, Aug 28

You dim sum, you lose some. (Image courtesy Joseph Mallozzi)


Just a day before episode 209, Thursday was time to begin looking forward to Friday night.  Today was a day for promos, sneak peeks, and episode photos for “Going Out Fighting”.  Thursdays are the appetizer before Friday’s feast.  Damn, now I’m making myself hungry.


Man, oh man.  Today was the day of the Great BTS Pictures Flood.  Click on over to the link and you’ll find so many pictures you may begin to think you work on the set!  The entry is capped off with a couple of extra sneak peek videos and a link to a preview article from Aimee Hicks at SpoilerTV.

Dark Matter Digest, Aug 28

It’s like it’s burned into my brain. (Image courtesy Syfy)


As has become customary, Saturdays are for sharing the multitudinous reviews and recaps of the previous evening’s episode. Today was no exception with no less than nine reviews being shared.  It was also a day to give belated recognition to National Dog Day.  Bubba celebrated much like I would.  No, not pantsless (though you’d be right about me, at least), but in comfortable jammies.  The next best thing to not wearing pants is pajamas.  Especially if you’ve “misplaced” the bottoms as is often the case with me.

Dark Matter Digest, Aug 28

Bubba says, “This is my jam(s).” (Image courtesy Joseph Mallozzi)

What?  That’s it.  This is the end of the post.  If you haven’t had enough, go back and read my review: Dark Matter 209 Review: Need A Lift? And thanks for stopping by.  See you next week!

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