Dark Matter Digest, July 31

Dark Matter Digest, July 31: SDCC Late Edition

By: Tom Gardiner
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This week’s Dark Matter Digest is being delivered late because I was at Geek Mecca, aka San Diego Comic Con.  And speaking of SDCC, this week’s blog entries contain a lot of links to con-related interviews, all filled with goodies for fans to enjoy.  Read on to see what went on.  You’re guaranteed to find lots of interesting information inside.


Joe shared a couple more reviews for “We Were Family” along with video interviews from SDCC.  If you’re a science nerd, or just curious about the science part of science fiction, there’s a link near the end called “Meet the Physicist Behind the Science of Stargate”.  Definitely worth the read, so click the link to check it out.


Did you ever stop to think just how hard it must be to write and film a TV show so that it fits within those darned commercial breaks?  I think that’s mostly handled through editing, and casualties often come in the form of deleted scenes.  Today, readers could read through some script snippets of scenes that didn’t make it into the phenomenal “We Were Family”.

Dark Matter Digest, July 31

(Image courtesy Joseph Mallozzi/Prodigy Pictures)


So you didn’t get enough deleted scenes yesterday, did you?  You’d like to read more of what could’ve been in the episode, you say?  Then today’s entry is the one for you!  The snippets that didn’t make it also come with a number of helpful images, so click on over for what is essentially new Dark Matter!


Joe and Akemi had a very excellent adventure to Vancouver’s Charm Games where they got to try out some super cool HTC VR gear running software created by the company.  They both gave the experience two very enthusiastic thumbs up, but Akemi’s endorsement came with extra excitement!  I think it’s genius to have “in-realm parameters” which create virtual objects in the same shape, size, & location as ones in the real world.  This is a great way to keep you from smacking your face into a wall or tripping over an end table.  There’s also a promo & sneak peek for episode 205 along with some more great interview links.  One includes a rare sighting of Paul Mullie.

Dark Matter Digest, July 31

(Image courtesy Joseph Mallozzi)


Today could be classified as When Worlds Collide … or, more accurately, although much less dramatic, When Doggies Meet Doctor.  Lulu and Bubba needed to see their local veterinarian, and I know from experience these visits can end up being very costly.  But they’re our babies and are worth every penny.  There are also links to a couple of cool articles previewing what’s to come on the show.  Check it out!


Today is the day.  No, THE day!  It’s Friday, so that means another new and always exciting episode of Dark Matter.  Lots of links to interviews and more about the show are shared at the link.  Plus some exclusive clips have been added at the end for your viewing pleasure.  Don’t forget to join in on the live tweeting fun during each Friday’s broadcast.

Dark Matter Digest, July 31

(Image courtesy Joseph Mallizzi/Prodigy Pictures)


Basking in the afterglow of a truly wonderful episode, Joe took time to thank all the people who help make the show.  One of the things I really love about Joe’s blog is that he often highlights the people who work behind the scenes to give life to the fantastic world of Dark Matter.  They deserve thanks from every fan, so it’s really great to see them get another well-deserved nod.  There are also multiple links to reviews & recaps of the episode, including one from yours truly.

And that ends another week in the world of Dark Matter.  It’s a very exciting time for fans of the show and season two has upped the intensity in every way possible.  Thanks for joining me here and I hope to have next week’s digest out on schedule!

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