Dark Matter at SDCC 2016: Spin-Offs and Underwear

Dark Matter at SDCC 2016: Spin-Offs and Underwear

By: Tom Gardiner
Dark Matter interview sdcc

During San Diego Comic Con 2016, the good folks at Dark Matter offered us a very generous opportunity.  It was a chance to interview the attending cast along with Executive Producer Jay Firestone.  A small group of press took part in some truly fun conversations with the attendees and Three If By Space was lucky enough to be in that number.

We started our interviews with Dark Matter at SDCC 2016: Melissa O’Neil & Anthony Lemke.  They spoke on a number of topics including playing their original, darker selves.  In addition, there was also a lot of talk about the lighter side of filming, like how Lemke constantly eats on the show.

In our second round of interviews, we got to chat with Jodelle Ferland (Five) and Alex Mallari, Jr. (Four) in Dark Matter at SDCC 2016: Badasses and Better Angels.  Jodelle talked about her now famous “Kill them all” line and Alex admitted to originally being a little freaked out by her, due to to her appearance in Silent Hill.

And now, we come to round three – our final round of Dark Matter interviews from SDCC 2016.  In this interview, Melanie Liburd (Nyx) and Executive Producer Jay Firestone sit down for a spirited talk about the show.

In the first part of three, Jay talks about how Dark Matter is a character-driven show and not your typical science fiction series.  Melanie talks about how Nyx fits into the established family and what her character’s motivations might be as a result.

Part two brings the discussion around to whether there was a “bible” for the show, establishing rules for the universe in which the show is set (Hint: There was.), and the impact of killing off characters.  Melanie talks about her very first day on set and how it involved dry ice and underwear.  That seems like a rather chilly, uncomfortable welcome.  She also talks about how she got pranked as the “new guy” on set.

The third and final part of this interview finds Jay discussing how successful Dark Matter has been, especially due to its availability on Netflix.  And the show is a huge hit internationally, too.  It’s become so successful, Syfy is asking for a spin-off, which I hope we can tell you more about in the near future.  Also, totally adorable answers to my final question!

Didn’t get enough Dark Matter with just the interviews?  No problem!  You can watch the entire SDCC panel here:

SDCC 2016: Dark Matter, the Full Panel – Fun & Farts!

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