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Killjoys: Ep. 207 Review – Whose Heart is in the Heart-Shaped Box?

Seven episodes into this 10-ep season, we’ve officially begun the renewal campaign. Please let Syfy and Space Channel know that you love this show! Be sure to send your tweets, using #RenewKilljoys and #Season3IsAll, to both @Syfy and @Space (Space Channel), and to @TempleStreet (the Killjoys production company). There’s no possible way that this growing story can be contained in three more episodes!


We’ll just have a quick recap of the episode, shall we, and then I want to discuss my theory of what everything we’ve seen so far is leading to.


After what sure looked like a fatal green hemorrhage, Sabine isn’t really dead! Johnny and D’Av bring Sabineinabag to Dutch – a Level 6 to interrogate! And ew, we find out that Dutch is a trained torturer. That’s not something to put on your resume for most jobs. They also learn that Sabine is really 89 years old! So that means that the Level 6 program has been going on for decades – and came from somewhere else, so it didn’t originate with Khlyen.

But D’Avin wants to do things the right way, as opposed to Dutch’s way. and insists they take her to Turin. He’s got a secret, off-grid Level 6-exploration site and his own method of getting information. But Creepy Phil, who Turin thought was on his side, is actually not, and Sabine garrotts off his head before he can stick a Dreadnought in hers – the only sure way to kill a 6 is to cause instant brain death.


Turin decides to go dark but continue his investigation, and Sabine returns to Lucy. Johnny figures out that whatever happened between D’Avin and Sabine, with the huge loss of green goo, has restored some of her humanity. “It’s like an infection. It shuts down the parts of the brain that allow for bonding, empathy, and love. I think we’re looking at what makes 6s. It’s like someone invented a way to shut down everythign about us that’s human and good.” “Engineered psychopaths,” D’Avin sums up.

But the effect isn’t permanent. Quickly, the green is regenerating and again shutting down Sabine’s humanness. She wants to help our KJs, and proposes a memory transfer to D’Avin. She says that really strong 6s can take memories and flip through them like a radio dish. He receives from her pictures of missing Killjoys, and stops in a vision of a forest, where they find a glittering, mirrored cube. She tells him that this is her grandfather’s peach farm – it may be, but the cube has nothing to do with Sabine or her grandfather, in the end. What was her purpose in bringing D’Avin, through the mind meld, to this point?

KILLJOYS -- "Heart-Shaped Box" Episode 207 -- Pictured: (l-r) Luke Macfarlane as D"Avin, Tori Anderson as Sabine -- (Photo by: Ian Watson/Syfy/Killjoys II Productions Limited)


From the transfer, they find several missing KJs that can be identified as 6s – and  many have Old Town as their last address. Why are there a bunch of 6s undercover in walled-off Old Town?

Dutch is more than wary of Sabine. She sees in her a way she could have gone – and is frightened of still ending up there. “I had the winning combination,” Sabine tells Dutch. “Strong enough to survive the physical transition, broken enough to survive the mental. Most people don’t make it through – they go crazy. The green breaks your bond to anyone you’ve ever loved. It’s like anyone you ever had any connection to dies at once. The more damaged and antisocial you are, the better a candidate. Guess I checked the right boxes. Like you. You’re on that list because Khlyen broke you in the cradle.”

Johnny goes off to find a woman he’s identified as an engineer of the wall around Old Town and learn what he can from her. It’s scary – she tells him that they received the plans from somewhere else. It was tested at a place called Green Wall – “it was a slaughter,” she says. “The old, sick the very young – dead in one day. Like they were culling a herd.” The Company took any survivors away – to where, and for what purpose, unknown. Remember this. She tells him she’ll show him the wall’s controls, which are in Jelco’s office, but when he breaks in, Jelco is waiting for him – and Johnny gets the crap kicked out of him.


Dutch searches Sabine’s small apartment. She finds, to her surprise, items that identify Sabine as Black Root – a secret police that had been under Khlyen’s direction, but is now searching for him. There, she’s attacked by another Black Root soldier, but she quickly kills him.


When she returns to Lucy, D’avin has set Sabine free after putting a tracker on her. Dutch follows Sabine to the actual location where she and D’Avin found the giant mirrored cube, Sabine begs Dutch to kill her before she completely loses what’s left of her humanity and becomes a full 6 again, and Dutch complies (did Sabine really die? D’Avin asks if Dutch waited and made sure she didn’t come back to life!).


Then Dutch finds the creepy cube – it’s not, as Sabine thought, a safe house for 6s – it’s a safe house for Dutch, filled with things that should, at some point, mean something to her. And it includes a red kill box – with the name Aneela in it, who Dutch believes is her look-alike killer from the Arkyn memory. Is she getting this before she’s meant to? Who is this?


Erin’s Killjoys Theory

Let’s take a minute and look at what we’ve learned about the mysteries so far. What do you think is really going on? Things we know:

  • There’s a mysterious origin to several pieces of technology – the Green, the wall.
  • The 9 Families are in disarray – infighting, disagreement and contention are so severe that Pawter’s mother created a way to kill Qresh and hurt dissenting families.
  • The Company, which is controlled by the 9 Families, has plans to build these mysterious walls around other cities. The test of the GreenWall system showed that it is made to deliberately kill large, vulnerable segments of the population – including the very young.
  • Killjoys are being turned into super soldiers, with no emotional ties, greatly enhanced abilities, regenerative powers, very long lives – and loyalty only to the head of the program. Several Level 6s are living undercover in Old Town, which has already been decimated by the bombing. Khlyen has turned away from the Level 6 program for some reason.
  • The Army – which army? under whose command? – has experimented with brain research, and D’Avin was one of the test subjects. One result of this experimentation was that it made him immune to the effects of the Green, gives him some control over it, and actually has a repelling effect on it. Whether this was planned or not, we have no idea. Is this an unintentional side effect? Or was it designed to see if there was some way to keep some soldiers from being unwillingly put into the program, or even being able to reverse the effects?

KILLJOYS -- "Kiss Kiss, Bye Bye" Episode 107 -- Pictured: Amanda Tapping as Dr. Jaeger -- (Photo by: Ken Woroner/Temple Street Releasing Limited/Syfy)

So what’s happening here? Who is on which side? This is my theory – we don’t know almost anything of the world outside of the Quad. I’m beginning to think that there is a long-term plan to take over – humanity? – by an outside aggressor, possibly alien. This plan has been going on for many, many years, but why didn’t they take over faster? They must not believe they have an overwhelming force, or don’t want the resources lost for some reason. Or perhaps there has been a war raging beyond the J, quietly, for hundreds of years, but the enemy is making progress. They don’t want to kill all humans, indicating that humans are needed for some reason. But with the walls killing not only the old and sick, but the young as well, the aggressors don’t seem to care about humans having a future. The Level 6 program may have been developed to create soldiers for an upcoming takeover or invasion, but Khlyen has learned something that makes him change his mind about being part of it.

Some of the 9 Families know part, but likely not all, of the aggressor’s plans and are either agreeable to it, or are at least not resisting. But Khlyen has started setting up a potential defense, which includes Delle Seya. Through her, he’s building the “human seed bank” at the school, to preserve humanity if the worse happens, either through “winter” – a slow, long, starving-out process, or “war,” which requires no explanation.


How does Dutch fit into all of this? And who is the mysterious Dutch look-alike from D’Avin’s vision? I think that either Dutch is one of a set of twins or cloned children, raised separately as an experiment by Khlyen, or by two separate people. Both were trained as killers, but one showed more aptitude for it – Aneela – and the other, Dutch, retained enough love, humanity, and emotional bonding ability to want something else. What, initially, was Khlyen trying to create? Dutch turned out to be the one Khlyen wants to nurture and keep alive, and he must protect her from either just Aneela or Aneela’s “tutor.”


Who, then are the good guys and bad guys? That would make Khlyen and Fancy moving into the good guy territory, along with Delle Seya, and of course, Dutch, D’Avin and Johnny. Turin will ultimately (and reluctantly) side with Khlyen, when he learns the truth. I think the Scarbacks are on the good side – they’ve known something for a long time, but their knowledge seems to have faded into myth. The Company, controlled by the collaborating Families, are on the enemy side. That leaves the Army – we know nothing about who they’ve fought against and why. Will they step up and defend humanity, or are they already working with the enemy?


What do you think? Are there holes in my theory? Do you have a different theory or good guy/bad guy ideas? I want to hear from you! Comment below!

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