Outlander Poetry Helps You Get Through Droughtlander!

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Some more poems from the Outlander Poetry Contest! I apologize for the delay – you know, life happens. But here are the poems written in honor of (or condemning) the long, long break between seasons. As always, great job to every author!

Post Partum Outlander

Droughtlander feels like
the empty void after fireworks explode
and the sparks vanish.

– Rosita Elias

Waiting for Season 3

Droughtlander? Nonsense!
Reading “Voyager” again
is time well spent. Aye!

– Juliana Czum

How to Survive, 2.013043501_10207683837026652_1792784336439654259_n

Daily lines from our Diana,
just might help to make it through.

Relaying Bear McCreary’s score
is a valid option, too.

Our hearts just might be settled
by Ron n’ Maril’s Q and A’s,

Until pics from Matthew Roberts
spark the fandom into blaze.

Graham will keep us entertained
at cons all o’er the place.

Hope to track wee Duncan’s brows
as they move about his face.

Terry n Gary’ll keep us in the know,
on costumes and production.

Li’l Stephen will keep us laughing
with his songs, now that’s seduction.

An endless time we’ll likely spend
to track Rick Rankins beard.

Next we’ll test drive a new Audi
just like Sam did…is that weird?

Dear Caitriona has us on the net
to follow her cat Eddie.

Every time sweet Stanley speaks in French
we’ll have to be held steady. So…

Remember when you’re tired of waitin’,
just try to see some reason

2morrow is another day
closer to the next season!

by Jackie Merrell


The void in my life is quite clear,
The kilted men have all disappeared.
The loss is so great
For my Saturday date;
My heart will just break, I fear.

I will be Scottish, I decide with joy!
Corset my bosom and be so coy,
And travel the seas,
Won’t care about fees
For the man whose hair is so ruadh.

Soft Gaelic whispered in my ear,
A big hand patting my rear,
My dreams they all wander
My money I’ll squander,
For the chance to meet Jamie, dear.

But the truth I face with a sigh
I must wait for Season 3, I cry!
Hearing accents Chicago
I declare an embargo!
Droughtlander will kill me, I’ll die!

by Leslie Fantacone

11/01-03 Int Tavern. Princes Charles convinced to return to Scotland, Jamie disagrees 11/08 Jamie says a prayer over Claire


How will I make it
My obsession to feed
Without my daily fix
A new pic of Jamie I need

I can tweet and hope for a sign
That droughtlander will soon end
As I read more of Voyager
I can dream and pretend

Day after day and week after week
I’ll follow the news and the feeds
To search for an update of his soon return
While grasping at straws and searching for leads

by M. D. Binkley

Droughtlander Is Coming
(Sung to the tune of Sing a Song Of Six Pence)

Sing about Droughtlander
The fans begin to steam
Wanting so much more than
Promos on our screens
Looking for some tidbits
An interview or two
How about some new pics with our Roger and Bree, too?

If you want no spoilers Outlander Season 2 2016
Stop your reading now
Voyager is coming
To Starz we give a bow
Cast and crew continue
To work hard every day
Now let’s give a little hint
Of what will come our way.

Looking to the future
Book readers know what’s next
Funny little China Man
Hanging on the deck
Ian has now grown up
Into a fine young man
A woman from the past is coming back to life again.

I hope this little song helps
while you wait and wait
We don’t know how long the
production’s gonna take
If you find yourself on
Twitter or Facebook
Meet new fans, recruit some friends and maybe share your books.

by Peggy Suarez

That there will be seasons three and four
Is a fact that we adore
And will impatiently be waiting for.

But we will have years to wait
A circumstance we really hate
Plenty of time to contemplate.

DVDs and books help time pass by
And definitely will make us cry
We’ll be strong, we’ll give a try.

With dismay we watch Claire and Jamie part
‘Though we know they’ll have another start
For finding love in each other’s heart.

We hope the next seasons will show fast
And for a couple of more years they may last
In times between we’ll be excited or aghast.

Now you make an educated guess
And we hereby solemnly confess:
We’d do anything to speed the process!

by Katja Rosenthal

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