my roanoke nightmare

American Horror Story Review Ep2 ‘My Roanoke Nightmare’

Well, If you haven’t watched the new 6th season of American Horror Story, My Roanoke Nightmare yet, run, don’t walk to FX and binge now! This is truly shaping up to be the best season yet!. It is similar to ‘Murder House’, in feels and scares, and I love it! The documentary style, makes it feel like you are watching a true story. Of course, the actors are great as usual. Sarah Paulson and Cuba Gooding Jr. rock it!

my roanoke nightmare

Last week’s premiere episode had me hooked! It was creepy, scary and full of feeling. This second episode did not disappoint. I believe that this season will take us back in the direction of the original AHS. Although last season’s Hotel was frightening, it lacked the real scare factor that AHS stood for in the beginning. And now, it seems that they have returned to that. That is a good thing. Too many people turned away from Hotel, as it was WAY over the top! So welcome home American Horror Story, glad to have you back!

In this new story, we have a documentary style, similar to the most loved Haunting and Paranormal Witness shows. I believe in such happenings, so it is a good watch for me. But better yet, the writers incorporate real happenings and true stories into their writing. It’s always fun to Google and read about these real stories.

As most of you know, Roanoke was a real place, and it’s mystery has still never been solved. What happened to all the colonists? Where did they all disappear to? Why has there never been an ending to this story? You can read more about it here!

In last night’s episode, we here a tale of 2 nurses. They are actively haunting the house. Our main characters have witnessed them killing elderly folk in the house. The local police don’t believe them. Nightmares they say. Sure…Being accused of killing elderly patients is never a good thing. When we here the story as related by Denis O’Hare’s character in the episode, there is some truth to it. Here is a written piece about the two murderers. Here!

Why in the heck would you bring your little daughter to a place that is being haunted? that is what everyone was thinking, when Lee brought her girl to stay at the house. Of course, there was an incident’ several to say the least. We all know that children are the best receptors to ghosts. They hear things and see things that adults sometimes don’t. And she saw. The little girl ghost, Priscilla, is trying to warn them all. Something happened to this girl. I am anxious to see the story unfold on this.

my Roanoke nightmare

This crazy Blair Witch laden and pig-man stuff, is enough to creep anyone out. When our characters are subjected to these sightings, it’s enough to scare anyone! I love how they are incorporating many creepy visuals in this series. Although, taken from other horror shows and movies, it is working! Kathy Bates is pretty much terrifying as the leader of the settlers, and we haven’t seen enough of Gaga, to know what her part is in all of this.

bates gagaEven being scared to death and taunted by whomever it is, they won’t give up their home. Hell bent and determined to stay, they put their best foot forward. More and more things are happening and being seen, the nurses murdering the elderly, the little ghost girl, Priscilla, and then the crazy video they find from the professor, that gives them insight into what it going on. The banker is no help as he said the house was sold as is. They are stuck with it.

matt-2The creepy sightings and pig screaming, noises, plus, witnessing sacrifice and murder, has set this couple on a course for doom. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out. What will we find out about Roanoke? Are the missing settlers stuck in a time warp here? Are they living their lives as they were in the 1500’s, not realizing that they are dead? Is this all one big residual haunting, or is there more sinister things at play?

I hope you are enjoying this season so far. I know I am. Creator Ryan Murphy, is getting praised for it so far, lets see how long that lasts.

American Horror Story:Season 6, My Roanoke Nightmare on FX, Wednesdays at 9 PM central.

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