Dark Matter 211 review: change is coming

Dark Matter 211 Review: Change Is Coming

Change is definitely coming by the end of Episode 211 of Dark Matter, so here’s your review of the goodies gifted to us this time.

The episode title of “Wish I’d Space You When I had The Chance” goes to Three, so that clocks him in at two episode titles, for those of you playing along with my little game. My count looks like this: Five has two episode titles (episodes 2 and 3). Two has has two episode titles (episodes 5 and 9). Three has two episode titles (episodes 8 and 11). If you want to count Randroid as our beloved Android which I MOST CERTAINLY DON’T, then that’s one episode title (episode 10). The other episode titles (episodes 1, 4, 6, and 7) go to other people, one of whom is Devon. The only reason I don’t count Devon as part of the Raza is crew is… well. Let’s not revisit Devon’s untimely demise, or so I assume it was. As I keep saying, “With Dark Matter, all things are possible!”

Dark Matter 211 review: change is coming

The Galactic Authority: Cloning ass & taking names. (Image courtesy Syfy)

Here’s the story in a nutshell. Imagine me speaking at top speed, like those people reading all the disclaimers and nasty side effects of something they’re selling on TV.

Three and Five end up separated from the rest of the crew when Five is kidnapped. Three goes after her to save her. Nyx, Four, and Two, oblivious to Five’s kidnapping, are on the planet’s station when they are tipped off that the Galactic Authorities are coming. The station is under lockdown. Fun fact: The GA agents travel by transfer transit! So they can trail you pretty much anywhere! No joy for fugitives.

Four, Nyx, and Two manage to escape to the Raza, where Six and Android have been hanging. Six is still on probation, so when they got word that there was trouble, Android wouldn’t let him leave the ship. Reunited, the crew plots the best way to retrieve Three and Five. Six is off probation. The crew flies in the Marauder in order to look for Three and Five on the planet’s surface.

Unfortunately for Three and Five, our favorite GA agent, Agent Kierken, is on the job. He is just as good of an investigator as we thought. While Three is busy rescuing and escaping with Five, Kierken is tracking them. During the escape, Three is badly wounded. Three forces Five to leave him behind while she tries to escape and get to the crew.

Dark Matter 211 Review: Change Is Coming

“Don’t get it drunk!” (Image courtesy Syfy)

Kierken and his men corner Three, and he gives Three some options. If Three tells the truth about Iriden 3 and the white hole bomb, and Kierken will help Five start a new life, free from any criminal implications. Don’t give over the information, and there’s no deal for Five. That also means Three and the rest of the crew are going down for the death of more than 15,000 people. Three decides he doesn’t much like either of those options. He gives Kierken information, but claims that it was just him and Wexler’s crew that did the job. Three tells him that Five and the Raza crew had nothing to do with it.

While Three is spinning a pretty little tale for Kierken, Five works her magic and creates a opening for the Raza crew to rescue both her and Three. The crew rescues Three and Five, and leaves Kierken alive—again. Seriously, when is this guy going to get the message?

Back on the ship, Three and Five have a few nice moments together as she thanks him for coming after her. Two and Six have a nice little chat about the blink drive, where Six points out all the possibilities. They could be the final kick that knocks over the corporations, freeing the entire galaxy from corporate rule. Two points out that would just create a huge chaotic power vacuum, but Six disagrees. Six believes that people could choose their own leaders and forms of government. Plus, being the only crew with a blink drive would give them a lot of power. They’d the ones with power in the power vacuum, and hey, it’s good to be king.

We end with Four, who finally makes the call we’ve all been waiting for him to make. Four searches out Android, and asks her to restore his old memories alongside his new memories.

Dark Matter 211 Review: Change Is Coming

We knew he was a better man than he lets on. (Image courtesy Syfy)

I’ve been pretty vocal about wanting more scenes with Three and Five together, and this episode delivered my wish. They’ve got such fantastic chemistry, with their constant nit-picking and pushing of each other’s buttons. Their entire sequence was just fantastic, and Anthony Lemke really, really, makes it believable and tear-jerking. When Five is kidnapped by the Dankin brothers so that they can sell her off to men (yeah. You read that right), Three is determined and single minded in getting her back. He doesn’t even hesitate in going after her, or in killing them all to get Five back. When he realizes that his brother-inflicted injuries are going to prevent Five from reaching safety, he does what we’ve always known Three was capable of doing—tries to sacrifice himself to save someone else.

My two favorite moments with Three and Five came back to back. First, when Three says he stopped underestimating Five when she snuck into his room and stole his bullets. Second, when Three tries to drive Five off by channeling his inner jerk, and Five looks torn between tears and laughter, since she clearly knows what he’s doing.

Three’s sudden self-sacrificial streak extends past Five. That scene with Three and Agent Kierken was intense, and I was gnawing my knuckles wondering how Three would respond to his options. Three surprised me with that story in which he takes the entire fall, and lays some excellent posthumous shade and blame on the cold, cold graves of Wexler and his crew. That saves Three’s crew, and most certainly Five, but sets him up as a target in a big way. Of course, Agent Kierken is having none of that and clearly doesn’t buy it.

Dark Matter 211 review: change is coming

A bloody touching moment. (Image courtesy Syfy)

It still shows a side of Three that we all know is there—he’s willing to sacrifice himself for his friends, and yes, they are all his friends. In the end, if you’re his friend, you’re his family, and he won’t stop at anything to help you. Well, he might stop for some food, but that’s just fuel to help you.

There are so many other great scenes and moments. Two and Nyx, founding members of the Bad Ass Ladies Club, Raza Chapter, gave me several long moments of laughter at their opening lines of dialogue. “Scented creams. Ammunition. Knives.” All the things we bad ass ladies need, no? Six and Android were a nice pairing to have off by themselves, especially since they’ve both been—or still are—outsiders. It was a thoughtful conversation that pointed out another Dark Matter theme. What makes a family? A cohesive unit? What can tear those two things apart beyond repair?

Although they were quick scenes, I adored the moments in the beginning with Nyx, Two, and especially, Four. Alex Mallari Jr. just does a fantastic job here. His entire demeanor is one of genuine enjoyment and curiosity. With a simple smile and a few well placed reactions, you can see how much he cares for Nyx, how relaxed he is around Two, and how far he has come from his general taciturn self. He still is that self with everyone else, but his crew gets to see another side of him.

Dark Matter 211 review: change is coming

Happy times for the Raza crew, but not for long. (Image courtesy Syfy)

Lastly, here’s your list of things to stick a pin in. Four’s decided to get his memories back, so let’s see how that works for him. Remember, Android had said they might revert to their former selves. It might just be a throw away mention, or a way for Android to make both a joke and a threat at the same time, but I had some concerns about Android’s mention of Six’s sodium levels in conjunction with the weakness she detected—and was targeting—in his heart. Six’s thoughts about the possibilities of destroying corporate control is going to be a huge factor in what’s coming next.

I also have a rising interest level in Kierken. This is yet another time that the Raza crew has left him alive, with his memories in tact, and I am starting to think we are seeing a shift in him. Before, he didn’t seem too interested in anything other than catching the crew. Now? He’s clearly got some thoughts about the corruption of the corporate system rambling around in his head. How many more encounters with the Raza crew can both he and his ideals survive?

In a way, it’s so fitting that this episode really shows them all looking out for each other. Truly, they’ve bonded, they care about each other, and they have relationships with each other that aren’t dependent on their forgotten past or in-the-moment need. They’ve gone out of their way to rescue and protect each other, and they’ve all opened up to each other to varying degrees.

Unfortunately, like Six said, change is coming.

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