Dark Matter: Preview, Season 2 Finale – Betrayal, Androids, Cliffhangers

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This has been a fantastic, twisty-turny season for Dark Matter’s second year, hasn’t it? Androids looking like people, getting memories, losing memories, trust issues… This week is the Season 2 finale, “But First, We Save the Galaxy.”

The finale won’t disappoint you in any way! One thing you know for sure about this show is that you don’t know anything. Be prepared for surprises – surprise offers of assistance, surprise attacks, surprise betrayals. In the finale, the crew of the Raza work to prevent the destruction of space station EOS7, working with an unlikely ally, and try to head off an all-out corporate war. Ferrous Corp., Mikkei Combine… and who else?

One thing you should be prepared for – that you’ll have to wait 10 months for more episodes!

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Erin Conrad