Gotham: Introducing the New Ivy

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By: Bri September 29, 2016
Who is the new Ivy?

In the second episode of Gotham something different has happened to our dear Ivy.  She was captured by Fish’s crew last episode and during her escape she was transformed.  Crawling from the ocean we see an older and more mature Ivy.  She’s taller and more of a woman now, but the biggest change seems to be her new found love of plants.  This show is all about change and transformation, but Ivy seemed to hit her stride immediately.  Near the end of the episode we realize that she’s now very capable  of taking care of herself and then some!

Courtesy of FOX

Poison Ivy Courtesy of FOX


This is a before and after of the Ivy of Gotham, it’s an insane difference.  I know I’m not alone in wondering why they changed her and what the motive behind this was.  It’s not that it’s a bad thing, but it is kind of strange they decided to go this route so early on.  I don’t think that anyone had any problems with the other actress, but maybe she had other engagements that took her away from the show.  Regardless I’m interested to see the way they handle her in the future.  She’s already done a something crazy, she killed a man!

GOTHAM: Maggie Geha ©2016 Fox Broadcasting Co.

GOTHAM: Maggie Geha ©2016 Fox Broadcasting Co.

Ivy’s character hasn’t been explored all that much in Gotham history, but she now gets her  time to shine.  From the very little we saw of Maggie Geha in this episode I can already to see that she’s going to hold her own in the cast.  It’s going to be fun to see what’s up next for her!

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