Gotham’s “Mad City” is Even More Gritty Than Before

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Gotham Season Three is a GO!!!

And we’re back! Oh, Gotham!

After an anguished break we have returned to the dark and dirty that is Gotham city.  After last season’s conclusion, I was hanging on every news piece that came through to see what may come next, so you can say I’m pretty happy the show is back on. Let’s get to it, shall we?

GOTHAM:  Ben McKenzie ©2015 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Jeff Neumann/FOX.

GOTHAM: Ben McKenzie   ©2016 Fox Broadcasting Co.

Jim Gordon, poor thing, has gone through so much last season I was hoping he’d get a break. I was definitely wrong. We see him pining over Lee, who has moved on to someone else! According to Morena Baccarin, that new man in her life just so happens to be an important player in Gotham city (check out our interview with her here) .  I’m curious to see what’s going to bring Lee back to Gotham, and how her and Gordon’s relationship is going to change.  Strange developments happen as we find out Gordon is now a Bounty Hunter, who’s bringing in as many of the “Monsters” as he can.  His dynamic with Bullock changes a lot in this episode, too. I’m genuinely sad to see Gordon betray Bullock, gathering information from him just to get ahead in his “Fish Hunt” (which is what I’m going to dub it).

“Penguin’s eat fish.”
GOTHAM: Robin Lord Taylor ©2016 Fox Broadcasting Co.

            GOTHAM: Robin Lord Taylor             @2016 Fox Broadcasting Co.


Penguin, oh boy! It’s no secret that I love Robin Lord Taylor, but it’s also no secret that this man can ACT! This episode was fantastic for him.

From going in front of the public, something that he hasn’t done in a very long time, to meeting with The Riddler to make amends, Cobblepot had a strong part to play in this episode.  I really enjoy the fact that he still has Gordon tied around his finger, even though Gordon doesn’t feel that way.  It’s a scary thought that Fish is running around unchecked, because she could undo everything that Penguin has built for himself.  Penguin visits Nygma in Arkham, bringing him a gift: an impossible puzzle, which Nygma finishes in an instant. During their chat Nygma reminds Cobblepot that “Penguin’s eat fish” and that sets Cobblepot’s mind straight. As a result Penguin puts a hit out on her, upping the ante to $1 Million.

Involved in Penguin’s scheme are Barbara and Tabitha, who are partners in a new business endeavor together.  Penguin offers to protect them and to help fund the business under his umbrella (Hehe get it?).  Barbara, being the psycho she is, denies him saying that she doesn’t need protection.  Butch decides to intervene and hires some hitmen to come and try to sabotage the girls.  Consequently, they call in Penguin after beating the crap out of their assailants, but Tabitha discovers that Butch set it up to win her back. It didn’t go well, as you’d expect!

Fishy Business

Fish, yup, she’s really back! With her are about a billion other “monsters” who are following her lead and wreaking havoc on Gotham.  Another new development is her superpowers. Due to Dr. Strange’s experiments she can now make anyone do anything she wants, with just one touch.  It’s hard to think Fish could get more powerful, but here we are.  Working with her is little miss Selina Kyle, who coaxes the new reporter in town, Valerie Vale, to do some snooping. Valerie lures in Jim with the promise that she knew where Fish was. From there, things hit the fan and it teaches Jim to go with his gut.  Selina is also hanging out with Ivy, who follows Selina into Fish’s lair and gets caught.  This doesn’t sit well with Fish and she tries to have Ivy killed, but Ivy escapes with her life changed forever.

GOTHAM: David Mazouz ©2016 Fox Broadcasting Co.

              GOTHAM: David Mazouz                   ©2016 Fox Broadcasting Co.

Seeing Double

Bruce and Alfred return home after six month long trip to Switzerland.  Upon arriving home Bruce faces the Board of Directors for Wayne Enterprises.  He threatens them, telling them that he has evidence of corruption, and everyone will have the opportunity to come clean.  If they don’t, the evidence goes straight to the Gotham City News to blow a huge hole in the Indian Hill mystery.  Bruce also has a double!

GOTHAM: David Mazouz ©2016 Fox Broadcasting Co.

                 GOTHAM: David Mazouz                    ©2016 Fox Broadcasting Co.

Crazy right?! The Anti-Bruce goes searching for Selina, who had given him money and sees himself talking to her. I wonder what’s going through Anti-Bruce’s head. He must be extremely confused and afraid.  It doesn’t really seem like he’s that bad, but who knows I may be very wrong!  Normal Bruce and Alfred come home after their victory at Wayne Enterprises and everything goes awry.  Alfred gets beat up, again, and Bruce is kidnapped! I’m kind of worried for Alfred, I know he lives for a very long time, but man that poor guy keeps getting attacked.  You’d think they’d have upped the security a long time ago when Azrael broke into the manor, but apparently not!

 Season Three Seems Like A Winner

I definitely can’t wait for the rest of this season.  I can already tell the whole world of Gotham is going to get turned upside down.  With all of the new bad guys and the new characters that have been teased I have a feeling things are going to get out of control in a way they never have before! (That’s a good thing).

Stay tuned for NEW and EXCITING things for this season of Gotham. We’re doing things a bit differently this year, such as: character analysis, relationship analysis, actor profiles, and more!  We’ll also be doing an occasional “Throw Back Thursday” where we post cast interviews from Comic-Con’s past!


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