Killjoys & Dark Matter Renewed for Third Seasons!

The celebrations began yesterday, when renewals were announced for our favorite Friday night lineup! Killjoys and Dark Matter were both renewed, before their seasons ended. Well, to be fair, Killjoys made it just under the wire – tonight’s the season finale (but Dark Matter has a few more episodes).

There are so many mysteries left to solve for both shows, and fans – I know there are lots of us who love both – couldn’t even contemplate ending the shows where they’re at right now. For Killjoys, what’s happening in the Quad? What is that green crap, where did it come from, who really is Khlyen, what’s Delle Sayeh up to? I’ll be honest, some of those get – sort of – answered tonight, but you’ll be left wanting a whole lot more. And we know that Michelle Lovretta has a lot more for us! Here’s a sneak peek of tonight’s episode:

A couple of our favorite Killjoys actors told me how thrilled they are about the renewal. Tamsen McDonough, our Lucy, said (edited to remove a spoiler!), “Lucy may be very unhappy that (mphnh mphhhhh), but I’m very excited to see what Michelle and her team cook up for next season! And thanks to all our amaaazing fans! #KJFansRock!” And Thom Allison, who has brilliantly played Pree this season, told me, “Killjoys feels like a family to our audience and I’m thrilled they want to keep being a part of it.” Of course, we need to see more Bellus – Nora McLellan – next season, and continue seeing all our friends!

Watch for my review of the season finale tonight!

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